Stylish Alternatives to a Little Black Dress

We’ve all heard of how the Little Black Dress is, and should be, a staple in every woman’s closet and we’re not going to contest that, no. We’re not even gonna try because we truly believe that every woman should own at least one gorgeous Little Black Dress that she can rely on as a go-to outfit but for those of you who have mastered the art of the Little Black Dress and are ready to move to bolder and more exciting alternatives, we hear you. And this is why we came up with a list of stylish alternatives to a Little Black Dress that you can wear anytime as you would your trusty old LBD.

  • Little Red Dress – LBDs are, like, the standard clothing of choice when it comes to formal and fancy parties but why fade in the sea of little black dresses when you can stand out and be fierce in a little red dress instead? Red has always been a color (in fashion, at least) that’s associated with fierceness and sexiness and if you’re feeling a good about your physique, then why not show it off with an LRD? You can accessorize your LRD with just about the same ones you use with your LBD so styling it should be easy.

red off the shoulder dress simple red dress and valentino shoes classy little red dress

  • Sequin dress – if you want an alternative to the usual little black dress that’s even more fancy, fun and festive, try a sequin dress. Sequin dresses are perfect for evening parties and events and they’re also great for the holidays. Don’t even worry about the sparkle and shine you get from a dress like this because it’s what will make you stand out from the crowd. Try to keep the sequins only to your dress, though, and avoid it anywhere else in your outfit to keep your look tasteful and not tacky.

sequined black and gold silver sequin dress

  • Jewel tone dresses – a gorgeous jewel tone number is perfect for a classy and elegant alternative to the Little Black Dress. Jewel tone dresses are great because they’re versatile; you can wear them during daytime for a nice, dainty and girly look and for evenings, too, for an elegant and classy look. If you’re not sure how to go about wearing jewel tones, picking a dress in a solid color if usually the safest bet. Make your outfit even more fabulous by wearing stunning jewelry with a jewel tone dress.

sapphire asymmetrical dress satin jewel tone dress

  • Neutral colored dresses – what makes the Little Black Dress so versatile is because black is a neutral color that can be work with virtually anything and everything, making styling easier. However, black isn’t the only neutral color in town, is it? For a different take on the little black dress, go for another neutral color like white, tan or beige. Keep the look monochromatic so it has the same chic and classy vibe as your LBD. When wearing nude neutrals, try not to wear anything close enough to your skin tone for you to be mistaken as a naked lady. Usually, 2 or 3 shades darker or lighter than your skin tone works best.

svelte white dress neutral nude dress light gray dress