Stylish and trendy Off the shoulder tops

The style of tops that are in vogue, these are off the shoulder tops. These tops look great on any shape and size. In fact these can be used to either highlight your curves or if you are someone with a prominent collar bones, then these tops are definitely for you.

celebs off the shoulder tops
celebrity trend , off the shoulder tops


These tops have the ability to look stylish anywhere and on whoever wears it. Paired with a perfect heel size, fitted jeans and some beaded jewelry around the neckline, these tops could be very comfortable for the wearer. If not necklace, you can also wear earrings of hoop size or chandelier earrings to fulfill all the need of any jewelry.


off shoulder long tops
off shoulder long tops

Another advantage of wearing these tops in summer could be that you will not feel much hot around the neckline; lesser sweating will ultimately result in soothing walk around. Add a scarf to your outfit in chill times. Because of their chic look, these off the shoulder tops are suitable to wear to a college, a little embellished dress with off the shoulder tops could be worn to a prom or evening parties or simple cotton off the shoulder tops will look great if worn to the gym class.


Black suits every one. No matter what age and shape you are in, black will always enhance your charm. A black off the shoulder top is a great pick in summers.


If you are someone with lesser curves and an enhanced collar bone, black off the shoulder tops could make them look more stylish and sexy. If you are someone with great curves, black one-sided off the shoulder top can make your neckline feel stylish. The color black has the power to make one look smarter so the color and the style of off the shoulder tops when merged together can produce some quality outfits, fit for everyone.

off the shoulder top , denim shorts and opaque stockings – very stylish city look

off the shoulder top , denim shorts and opaque stockings

off the shoulder loose-top

off the shoulder loose-top

Cute out shoulder tops on celebs

out shoulder top kim kardashian

Plus-size off the shoulder tops is perfect for chubby ladies. These tops are usually longer in length covering your bottoms. That way you can hide your curves. A pregnant lady can also wear this plus-size off the shoulder top as it is pretty loose around the belly and easy to wear and carry. Forever 21 have made a mark in creating variety of these off the shoulder tops.

gypsy hippy off the shoulder top

Off the shoulder tops Forever 21 are available in both the styles of one of two side, plus-size and black off the shoulder tops. They have created an online store thus making it feasible for anywhere around the world to shop for off the shoulder tops.

off the shoulder top

Blue off the shoulder top – perfect for the summer

off shoulder blue top

off shoulder top plus  size
off shoulder top plus size

Violet is flattering color for curvy women!