Stylish and Warm Winter Coats

Now that winter has officially come, it’s finally time to bust out those coats that you have sitting in the closet and use them to keep you warm. For some women, winter is a fashion nightmare because it used to be so difficult to dress up and look stylish while staying warm and comfortable at the same time. Today however, with so many fashion geniuses out there coming up with new styles and designs, revamping your wardrobe for winter could be an exciting thing to look forward to. Here are 10 stylish and warm winter coats that you might want to consider getting yourself for this cold season:

  • Fur coat – a fur coat is a must if you want to pull off a posh and sophisticated look this winter. It’s not only stylish; it’s very warm as well. If you’re against animal cruelty, going for faux fur coats is always the best alternative to the real one without sacrificing the look of authentic fur.

fur coat fur

  • Puffer coat – a puffer coat is something women tend to leave out before because they’re afraid that they’ll look too bulky in it. however, puffer jackets are very comfy for cold days. If you want to wear a puffer jacket without looking to big, make sure to balance out your outfit by wearing bottoms with a slim and slender silhouette like skinny jeans or leggings.

puffer caot

  • A bright colored coat – winter is the time for people to bundle up in coats and most of the time, these will be coats in dark hues such as black, navy and gray. Make yourself stand out from the crown by wearing a brightly colored coat such as a magenta or yellow coat.

bright winter coat

  • Pea coat – another must have for looking super posh and chic this winter is the pea coat. The pea coat is something you can use to work during winter as this coat gives you a very smart and sleek look. get a pea coat that comes in a neutral color so that you preserve its sleek look and so that you can wear it with all of your other winter clothes as well.

pea coat outfit pea coat

  • Trench coat – on days when it starts to rain and/or snow heavily, a trench coat will definitely come in handy. Most trench coats are made from waterproof fabric and they also have a removable insulated lining which makes it possible to wear it any day.

trench coat

  • Parka coat – a parka coat is also often called an army coat because most parkas come in the color olive green which is the color for the military. Parka coats are also often made from the same material as windbreaker jackets so they’re usable even when it starts to snow or rain.

parka coat outfit parka coat

  • A statement coat – love being a head turner wherever you go with your sense of style? A statement coat is definitely a must have for your winter wardrobe, then. When looking for a statement coat, look for one that has a striking color or stunning prints and patterns that are sure to be unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd.statement coat