Stylish DIYs to Make for Fall

Whenever fall comes, we tend to prefer staying indoors rather than going out and, to be honest, it can get boring sometimes. What I like to do when I stay indoors during a good lazy day is to DIY something that I can wear or use. It’s a great way to keep boredom at bay and an even better way to repurpose old things. If you’re a crafty girl, check out these stylish DIYs that you can make for fall, from cute little weekend projects to full on fashion crafts.

  • Embroidered details – embroidery is one of fall’s biggest trends and, if you know how to sew and embroider patterns and designs, you could save some serious cash by doing it yourself. Embroider cute designs on things you already have so you don’t have to buy new ones just to keep up with the trend. If you know how to sew but not how to embroider, you can always buy pre-embroidered design patches that you can readily sew on to your clothes instead.

floral shoulder embroidery embroidered jeans outfit embroidered monogram on chambray shirt

  • Pompom embellishments – pompoms are super easy to make and all you need to make them is yarn. Once done, you can attach them to anything to make it look fun and frilly. Some of the things that you can attach pompoms to are sweaters, beanies, scarves and jeans. You can make your pompoms are big or as small as you like, depending on where you want to attach them to.

how to make a pompom pom pom scarf pompom sweater diy yellow pompom belt

  • Cat ears beanie – Taylor Swift just took cat lady-ing to a whole new level when she roamed the streets of New York holding Olivia Benson, her new cat who is also now a Keds model. If you love cats as much as Taylor does, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with all those cute beanies with cat ears that are everywhere. If you know how to knit / crochet, though, why not make your own? That way, you can make the ears look exactly the way you like.

cat ears beanie black cat beanie

  • Glam gloves – gloves are making a comeback this fall and we couldn’t be any happier! If you’re on a very tight budget and you don’t want to spend money on gloves, you can always make your own using old socks. And, whether your glove is a new one, an old one or something you made out of something else, you can make it even prettier by dressing it up and adding fun things to it. Add studs, bows, pompoms, buttons and whatever else you like and see how it can instantly add a nice touch to your look.

diy gloves idea diy gloves leather and chain gloves

  • Elbow patch – elbow patches always make shirts and sweaters look and feel more comfy and the great thing about them is that they’re super easy to make and attach to anything. Check out these easy step by step DIY guide to making your own elbow patches for your shirts and sweaters.

brown elbow patch sequin elbow patch leather elbow patch