Stylish Infinity Scarf Outfits

Scarves are undeniably an essential part of any fall and winter wardrobe. They’re a great way to keep your neck warm while you’re in the freezing cold outdoors. It’s also a great way to add style to your fall or winter outfit. Though any type of scarf will prove to be both useful and fashionable, the infinity scarf remains to be the favorite among most women. This is because an infinity scarf is so much easier to wear. You can simply hang it on and around your neck and it instantly makes your outfit look more chic. An infinity scarf is also very versatile and there are quite a number of stylish ways you can wear it. Aside from letting you use it as a traditional scarf to be wrapped around the neck, you can also wear an infinity scarf like a snood which is basically almost the same as an infinity scarf except that you also wear it over your head like a hood. Here are stylish infinity scarf outfits that you can take inspiration from for this cold weather season;

  • A button up shirt and an infinity scarf – a button up shirt is something that you’ll most probably wear during fall when the weather isn’t too cold yet. Long sleeved button up shirts do make you feel warmer compared to a regular tee but if you need something to keep you even warmer and you don’t feel like wearing a jacket, coat or cardigan, an infinity scarf is always a great way to achieve the warmth and comfort that you seek.

button up button up and infinity scarf

  • Dress and an infinity scarf – dresses for colder seasons like fall and winter can be a little tricky to wear because you have to find a dress and accessories to go with it that has the perfect balance between style and comfort. Wearing an infinity scarf with a dress is a fool-proof way of looking chic during these times.

dress and infinity scarf


  • An infinity scarf to finish off a layered ensemble – layering is a stylish way to keep yourself warm on days when the temperature starts to drop.  The best way to finish off a layered outfit is to add an infinity scarf to it. Not only do you get extra warmth from the scarf, you also get a more gorgeous-looking outfit as a result.

jacket and infinity scarf outfit jacket and infinity scarf

  • Plain sweater and an infinity scarf – wearing a plain sweater may be a safe route to take when creating winter outfits but when you wear them too often, it tends to get boring. Spice up your Plane Jane sweater and pants outfit by adding an infinity scarf with gorgeous print or interesting texture to it. This is a quick and surefire way to make your plain outfit more exciting.

sweater and infinity scarf sweater

  • A plain white t-shirt and infinity scarf – an outfit comprised of a plain white t-shirt and jeans is such a simple but classic choice to go with on days when you don’t feel like dressing up to the nines. If you want to look extra fab during these kinds of days, the simple addition of an infinity scarf is enough to create an a stunning outfit.

shirt and infinity scarf outfit shirt and infnity scarf