Stylish Jackets That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter used to be a season for bundling up in jackets and coats that looked boring and blah but today that is no longer the case. Today, we are so lucky because there are so many stylish jackets to choose from. Depending on which jacket you wear, you can also achieve different kinds of looks. Here are some of our favorite stylish jackets that will keep you warm and comfy this winter:

  • Hoodie jacket – hoodie jackets are perfect if you’re looking for something that you can wear with outfits that are casual or even street style inspired. You can wear hoodie jackets with jeans for an easy everyday look or with sweatpants for a more laidback kind of look. Shorts are an option, too, but since it’s winter it may be quite uncomfortable.

hoodie jacket

  • Denim jacket – when the weather is rather chilly than freezing cold, a denim jacket is a much lighter option that you can choose. Denim jackets also have a nice casual look so you can use them on an everyday basis. Some denim jackets have linings on the inside to make them a lot warmer so you’d still feel cozy in case the temperature starts to drop.

denim jacket dneim jacket

  • Bubble jacket – a bubble jacket is also popularly called a puffer jacket. This style of jacket tends to bulk you up but there are plenty of styling tips you can follow to keep you looking snazzy in a bubble jacket. One is to wear all other pieces with slim silhouettes so choose skinny jeans, leggings or tights instead of wide legged trousers. You can also wear a belt with your bubble jacket to cinch the waist and create an hourglass figure. Bubble jackets have insulated linings inside so they’re super comfy and warm.

bubble jacket

  • Double breasted jacket – for more posh and sophisticated outfits, a double breasted jacket is a great piece to finish with. Double breasted jackets have that business-like vibe that can make you look fierce and chic. And, because it’s double breasted, it’s a lot warmer and cozier.

double breasted

  • Fur trim jacket – looking for something that you can use with both casual and dressy ensembles? A fur trim jacket has the perfect balance between something you can use every say and something you can use for special occasions. The body of the jacket can be made with other thick and warm fabrics like wool or tweed and you’ll find fur trimming on strategic areas like around the neckline and the cuffs to keep you warm.

fur trim jacket fur trim

  • Full fur jacket – now, if you’re looking to go all out, lush and luxurious with your jacket, a full fur jacket is definitely the thing for you. Full fur jackets are a lot warmer. You can wear them over dressier outfits like cocktail dresses and formal dresses. Wearing a full fur jacket gives you a very elegant look.

full fur

  • Leather biker jacket – if you’re not in the mood for dressing up in your usual girly-girl style, you can always shake up your looks by taking a different route and channeling out your inner rock and roll chick and wearing a leather biker jacket is a great way to achieve this.

leather biker jacket leather biker jacket outfit