Stylish Sunglasses

Just because summer and spring is over does not mean you have to keep your stylish sunglasses away until next year. Sunglasses are not only made to complete an outfit as an accessory, they’re also designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. With that said, as long as the sun is shining bright, you’re entitled to your right to wear whatever sunglasses you like. if you’re a fan of stylish sunglasses and would like to add more to your collection, here are some of the most stylish sunglasses that you might want to consider getting, if you don’t already have them:

  • Cat eye sunglasses – cat eye sunglasses are very fun and cute. They are those sunnies that have a somewhat pointed edge on the upper frame side. This type of sunglasses goes perfectly well with women who have a heart shaped face.

cat eye sunglasses

  • Vintage round shades – a pair of perfectly round shades with a gold rim add an instant vintage vibe to any outfit, especially when the lenses have a bit of a brownish / amber color to them. you’ll want round shades if you’ve got an elongated face shape like a heart or an oval so that it balances your face shape out.

retro round sunnies vintage round shades

  • Modern round shades – if you love the look of round shades on your face but don’t quite dig the vintage look, you can opt for a pair of round shades with plastic rims, instead. They’re very lightweight so they’re super comfy to wear and they’re also very cute.

modern round shades

  • Aviator shades – aviator shades always look so cool and chic, no matter what your face shape is. Go for aviator shades with metal rims instead of plastic because they look so much classier and they look good with anything you would wear. Plastic rimmed aviator shades tend to look good only with very casual, almost street-style outfits.

aviator glasses aviator shades

  • Wayfarers – wayfarers are one of the sunglasses styles that Ray-Ban is most known for. Wayfarers are perfect for people who have a round face shape because the softly squared edges balance out the roundness of the face.


  • Oversized – for women who have a full and round face, any style of sunglasses that are oversized are perfect. The big frames of your sunglasses will occupy a large part of your face which will give the illusion of a smaller and a slightly more elongated face.

oversized sunnies oversized shades

  • Clubmaster shades – clubmaster sunglasses are basically just shades that have upper rims thicker compared to the lower rims (sometimes lower rims are also made rimless). These sunglasses look very retro and they’re perfect if you’re looking for another way to achieve a vintage look.

club master