Stylish Ways to Hide Your Muffin Top

With the holiday season already kicked off, it’s impossible not to gain a pound or two or have some extra inches on your waist and if you’re the type who likes to wear fitted clothes, it may be time for you to start buying some more clothes in slightly bigger sizes because you know muffin tops are on their way. Muffin tops can be very unsightly, especially when they bulge out and plaster themselves on to you’re your clothes, making you look like the Michelin man. Well, don’t get upset just yet. There are lots of stylish ways to hide your muffin top until you get your normal sexy bod again. Here’s some of the things that are on top of our quick fix list:

  • Get mid- to hi – rise pants – while low rise pants are really sexy, wearing them when you have a muffin top is not really too flattering. Stash your low rise pants away for a while and switch to mid or high rise jeans instead, in the mean time, to make sure that your muffin tops don’t go sticking out. If you live in jeans, you probably won’t even need to buy new ones as I’m pretty sure you have some from the past that’s been sitting in your closet forever. Now’s the perfect time to bring them out again!

high rise jeans midrise skinny

  • Invest in good shapewear – if you don’t already own one, I strongly suggest you go out and buy yourself a nice, new, good quality shapewear. There are really good brands out there that make the most amazing shapewear like Spanx, Shibue Couture, and Yummie Tummie. They may be a bit expensive but they sure do a great job at keeping those bulges at bay plus you can keep using them for years to come. Honestly, I’d rather splurge on that than buy cheap shapewear that don’t even do anything.


shapewear sample

  • Wear empire waist – the empire waist cut is one of the best styles you can go for if you’re trying to hide love handles. Go for tops and dresses that have an empire waist cut because it cuts off under the breast area and flows freely downwards to hide muffin tops. They’re also loose-fitting so they’re much more comfortable to move in compared to regular tops and shirts. Wear leggings or skinny jeans with your empire waist top to have a nicely balanced ensemble.

empire waist dress empire waist top

  • Get a maxi dress – if you’re a dress kind of girl but now you’re discouraged to wear your cute pieces because of your muffin tops, don’t be sad. You can still look girly and dainty by wearing maxi dresses. A maxi dress is often slightly loose-fitting and flowy so it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a forgiving kind of dress for concealing your muffin tops.

maxi dress maxi

  • Cozy up in a cardigan – one of the advantages of gaining weight over the holidays is that it’s still the season for  wearing cardigans and cardigans do a wonderful job at concealing muffin tops. Simply wear a tank top paired with mid rise jeans and top it all of with a cardigan to hide your sides where muffin tops are usually located.

cardigan cardigan outfit