Stylish Ways to Wear a Tank Top

Tank tops are one of the most basic items of clothing that you can find in every woman’s closet. During the hotter spring and summer days, the tank top can be worn all on its own while it makes a great and useful layering piece come fall and wintertime. Though they’re simple, tank tops are essentially indispensible for just about everyone. If you’re looking for new ways to style this basic piece, check out these stylish ways to wear a tank top.

  • Street style sexy – a cropped tank top is the ultimate piece you need in your wardrobe for the perfect street style sexy look. It’s an essential summer piece, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in fall or in winter. Cropped tank tops are great for the gym. You can also wear them underneath a jacket or a sweater for a nice and cozy fall / winter look.

cropped tank top and jeans grunge outfit style sexy cropped tank top

  • Posh and polished – if you think tank tops are just for casual and street style outfits, think again! Tank tops are more versatile than that. In fact, they’re so versatile you can even wear them to work. To make a tank top work for an office outfit, simply pair it with a sexy pencil skirt. You’re going to want to choose a tank top that either offers more shoulder coverage or one that’s really dressy so that you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed and slipped into the skirt.

white tank top and floral pencil skirt sexy polished look bejeweled pencil skirt and tank top office outfit with tank top

  • Classy and covered up – if you think a tank top alone is just too plain a look for you, you can try layering it up and going for a more classy and covered up look. This can be achieved simply by throwing on a cute blazer on top. This is another look that you can wear to work or even just for everyday looks.

tank top blazer and shorts printed blazer and tank top black tank top and white blazer navy blue tank top

  • Boudoir babe – boudoir dressing is one of the hottest trends this year and you can sport this trend by wearing a silk tank top (a camisole would do nicely, too) with your everyday looks. This is, of course, if you’re not up for wearing a slip dress outside the house. You can wear your silk tank top with anything, from jeans to maxi skirts or even shorts. You can also cover up a little bit and get warm with a nice cardigan on top for that effortless chic look.

boudoir babe outfitlacey cami tank toplace and silk tank top

  • Boho chic – another really cute way to wear tank tops is to pull off a boho chic look. You can achieve this by wearing loose-fitting pieces like maxi skirts and oversized cardigans with your tank top. Fringed pieces are most welcome, too. As for jewelry, take the natural route and go for more wooden and/or metal pieces instead of plastic ones.

fringed boho tank top minimalistic boho boho tank top outfit