Stylish White Sunglasses

In choosing sunglasses, you may find yourself trapped into bewilderment on how to pick the best frame, style, shape and even color.Why not to choose white sunglasses. White sunglasses is chic and stylish, almost like white iphone!You may ask how face sunglasses directly influences the frame that you ought to get.

Never get drowned to this pitiful situation. Setting your feet into this dilemma is a choice. Therefore, get out there and pay a closer attention to this.

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First thing first is to determine the shape of your face. Ask yourself in front of a mirror.

“Do I have a round, an oval, a triangular, a diamond or a square- shaped face?”

After identifying what face shape you have, start picking a white sun glass frame that creates the so-called “contrast” element.   In an instance of getting a round face, opting for an angular and narrow-framed pair of white sunglasses for women is such a good idea.

White wayfarer sunglasses

white sunglasses for women


Moreover, a wider frame creates some depth and lengthens the face.

Second, the size of the cool sunglasses to choose must harmonize with your overall features. If you are gifted with petite features, never think of getting a pair of sunglasses with an over-sized or exaggerated frame. The failure to do this will definitely dwarf your face.

white sunglasses on celebs

Here’s the catch friends!


Diamond- shaped faces perfectly go with rimless frames with some unique brow-lines. Sunglasses with a softer edge frame are a good complement for ladies with beautifully square- shaped faces. Round, oval and cat eye sunglasses with thin frames are perfect.

On the other hand, colorful-framed eye cat sunglasses and those that has frames with straight lines on top are good to go for triangle-shaped face for a woman. For inverted triangle- shaped faced woman, a rimless and light- colored frame defines excellence.

Round faces should be accentuated by sunglasses with thicker and rectangular or square frames. Lastly, most sunglasses frames will look best for oval faces.

white rim sunglasses

Third; in buying white sunglasses, ascertain that the color complements the tone of your skin and your hair color as well. Anyway, nobody can get wrong with white- colored frame for sunglasses. Specifically, Cool skin tones go best with pink or blue; while, yellow perfectly fits with darker skin tones. Ladies having this tone for a skin ought to prefer frames in camel, khaki, copper, gold, peach, off-white, and a touch of red in a brighter tint.

On the contrary, colors such as black, rosy brown, plum, magenta, blue and darker tortoise augments the beauty of ladies with cooler skin tones.


Basically, no matter what frame style and color you choose for a pair of sunglasses, never compromised comfort. Make sure that you are getting the best protection and pamper upon purchasing a white sun glass. You deserve to be pampered more than anybody else.