Stylish Winter Outfits with Flat Boots

Winter is one of the most ideal times to wear boots because these shoes can protect your feet from the snow unlike other kinds and styles of shoes that can get snow in on your feet. Although there are also lots of different styles of boots that you can wear all throughout the year, most boots are meant to keep your feet dry and warm from rain and snow during colder seasons like fall and winter. Flat boots are much more practical to wear during winter because rain and snow can make the ground slippery and wet. With flat boots, you decrease your risks of falling over and slipping because you can control your steps more. Flat boots are just as stylish as their high heeled counterpart and these stylish winter outfits with flat boots will prove that:

  • Biker boots and leather jackets – biker boots are the perfect pair to go for if you are aiming for a rough and tough vibe to incorporate into your look. Biker boots make great winter wardrobe staples because you can use them for years without having to worry about maintaining them and keeping them looking like new. This is because most outfits with biker boots look tougher and edgier when the boots are beat up. Wearing a leather jacket with your biker boots can help you achieve an edgy look.

biker boots biker boots and leather jacket

  • Fur boots with a fur coat or vest –wearing fur on fur is such a lavish combination that not all women are brave enough to experiment with. However, if you are a brave and bold fashionista, this combination is definitely a must try. Fur boots with a fur jacket or waistcoat is not just a fashionable combination, it’s also a very comfy combo.

fur on fur

fur on fur outfit

  • Maxi and heavy boots – one of the chicest and easiest looks to pull off during winter is the combination of a maxi skirt or a maxi dress and heavy boots. By heavy boots, we don’t mean iron boots but rather those that are more industrial looking and not too feminine like biker boots or boots with chunky heels. This outfit combination is extraordinarily gorgeous with the perfect balance between tough and gentle.

maxi and boots maxi and boots outfit

  • Skirt and rain boots – rain boots are perhaps one of the best types of flat boots you can go with if you’re heading out and the roads are wet. Rain boots are made of waterproof material so you’re sure that you’ll reach your destination with dry feet. Wear your rain boots with a skirt that hits just above the knee for a girly and quirky look. Of course, you can wear leggings or tights underneath if you think the cold is too much for your bare skin to handle.

rain boots and skirt rain boots and skirt outfir

  • Riding boots and skinny jeans – if you’re looking for an outfit you can create with flat boots that will give you a more spot on silhouette, try wearing riding boots with skinny jeans or bottoms that are straight cut as these will let you tuck your pants into your boots more easily. If you want to go for a full equestrienne look, white or khaki skinny pants are some of the best choices that you have.

riding boots outfit riding boots and skinny jeans