Stylish Work Wardrobe Ideas

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘dress up for success’? Can you actually dress for success? Well, yes you can. And it all starts with building a stylish work wardrobe. The way you dress at work will influence the way people will see you as well as the way people will respect you. This is why it’s important that you have pieces in your wardrobe that are appropriate for the work place to create your outfits with. Dressing up for work does not mean you have to stick with boring clothes. There are a lot of pieces that you can wear that will still make you look gorgeous. Here are some stylish work wardrobe ideas that you can take inspiration from.

  • Get a pant suit – a pant suit is something that you can wear to the office on days when you have to be in strict business attire. The clean lines give you a very smart and polished look which is what you want to go after if you’re in the work place. It may also give off a slight hint of masculine vibe but you can easily make up for that by choosing soft feminine or neutral colors.

pant suit outfit pant suit

  • Go for a skirt suit – if you like how a pant suit looks powerful and smart but don’t want how it looks too masculine on you, you can opt for a skirt suit instead. It’s almost the same except that a skirt suit has a more feminine look and feel. With this you can go for darker colors without having to worry about looking to manly.

skirt suit outfit

skirt suit

  • Wear a pencil skirt – a pencil skirt is a very nice choice if you’re looking for something that you can wear to the office on a day to day basis. It’s also very figure flattering regardless of what your body shape is so you don’t have to worry about problem areas / flaws being too obvious. This is your best bet if you want to add a hint of chic and sexy to your work wardrobe

pencil skirt outfit pencil skirt

  • Invest in button down shirts – a button down shirt is one of the pieces you shouldn’t miss when building a stylish work wardrobe. In fact, if you have some spare cash to splurge, spending it on good quality button downs would be a really good idea. A button down shirt is very versatile. You can wear it on its own, under a blazer jacket, with pants or with a skirt. It’s also a timeless piece that never goes out of style. Start with a crisp white button down and work your way into colored ones to add a splash of color to your work wardrobe.

button down button down outfit

  • Choose a comfy pair of heels – comfort is key to working efficiently and while we all know that flats are the most comfortable footwear, they aren’t very much suited for the work place (unless it’s for dress down days). Choose a pair of heels that you are comfortable with. A good 3 to 4 inches is perfect for running around the office as it won’t strain your feet as much. Kitten heels are great, too, if you aren’t used to super high heels.

heels outfit heels