Subtle Ways to Change Your Look from Day to Night

So you have the perfect outfit that will take you from day to night ready, now the question is: what about your looks? Even if you have your outfit planned out, your look is an important part of the whole package. Don’t worry, though, because changing up your look is easy as long as you know what you’re aiming for. The changes between daytime and nighttime looks are pretty easy to spot. Daytime looks require something light and fresh while nighttime looks are more heavy and dramatic. If you’re looking for tips on how you can complete your day to night transformation, check out these subtle ways to change up your look.

  • AMP UP YOUR MAKEUP – so you went au naturel during the day and put on the least amount of makeup possible, good for you. Now, you don’t have much to do except put more on. If you want to start with a fresh canvass, simply take off your daytime makeup (or whatever is left of it) by wiping it off with some makeup remover wipes and then starting anew. If your makeup was pretty set all day long, you can go from there and build up the colors’ intensity to add drama to your look.

messy hair dark makeup nighttime look dark kohl rimmed eyes easy natural look

light day makeup

  • GO FROM LIGHT TO DARK – not sure how to do tonight’s makeup? Here’s an easy tip: from that light makeup you already have on, pack on more colors and go for a darker look. It’s important to build up the colors because light makeup doesn’t show up too well at night. Go from natural eyes to smoky eyes by smudging out your eyeliner. Touch up that nude lip with a fiery hot red lip lacquer and put on some lip gloss for extra shine. Dab a little bit more blush on your cheeks and try your hand at light contouring.

dark midnight blue makeup dark smokey eye and nude lips dark makeup kim kardashian

  • 2-in-1 HAIRSTYLES – don’t you just love how almost everything today is x/number-in-one? There’s your 3-in-1 coffee, 5-in-1 body wash, 8-in-1 facial cream and all that jazz so for an easy day to night hairstyle, why not go for 2-in-1 ‘dos? Some great examples of 2-in-1 hairstyles are braids, buns and basically most updos that require twisting and turning your hair. You can have your hair twisted up by the day and then release it at night to reveal waves or curls.

nighttime pixi waves nighttime sexy boho waves daytime romantic updo daytime braid updo

  • MESSY HAIR, DON’T CARE – or, if you’re too lazy to do your hair in the morning, just do whatever you want with it and leave it to time, sweat and humidity to give you sexy, messy hair by night. What’s great about this is that it’s super effortless yet so perfect for a fun and rough night out.

messy red hair messy short hair messy hair updo

  • ADD SOME BLING – the great thing about accessories is that you can bring a whole bunch of them in your purse and it literally won’t bulge or eat up too much space at all. Take advantage of this and use your accessories to really take your look from day to night. Bring along really big, bright and loud statement pieces to dress up your simple daytime look and then throw them on just right before you leave the office and you’re set to party the night away.

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