Summer 2014 Trends to Watch Out For

As of now, it doesn’t look like winter and the cold temps are anywhere from leaving but that’s okay. Enjoy cuddle season while it’s here because once it’s over, it’s ‘hello summer’ once again. And yes, that means cool, comfy and light clothes all over again! While we’re stuck with the freezing cold weather and heavy fabrics embracing us, why not cheer yourself up a little and get your wardrobe ready for the amazing days that summer has yet to bring? Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s hot for summer 2014.

  • Futuristic style inspired iridescent pieces – this coming summer, expect to see iridescent pieces all over the runway and on the streets. Whether it’s on clothes or on accessories like purses and shoes, futuristic style inspired pieces are surely to be one of the biggest trends to come about so be sure to get yourself a holographic piece to sport once winter is over.


  • Mesh – summer is hot and, just like winter, it keeps getting hotter every year. Do you remember how scorching hot last summer was? Well, expect it to be even hotter this year. Good thing one of the rising trends for 2014 is the mesh. Wear a mesh cover up to the beach, top off a cute summer dress with a mess crop top, wear your mesh any way you want. Mesh is the new lace this coming summer.

mesh outfit mesh

  • Full skirts – just when you thought you’d have to wait for spring to be able to wear ladylike silhouettes come the full skirts making their way into summer 2014’s fashion scene. Wearing a full skirt is a great way to amp up your girly style. Wear them with crop tops to get the ultimate summer haute couture look or you can also wear them with basic shirts to get that casual vibe going.

full skirt full skirt outfit

  • Pastel colors – great news for all the girly girls out there: looks like this summer is going to be filled with sweet dainty pastel hues. Pastel colored items are going to be on trend this summer so brace yourself for some seriously dainty and feminine frocks. If you’re not very girly, you can still rock this trend by going for more subdued pieces like pastel accessories instead.

pastel pastel color

  • Geometric print – planning to pull off a structured look that somehow screams ‘haute couture’? Make sure to get yourself some cute and stylish clothes with geometric patterns and details to add to your summer wardrobe. Anything with clean, geometric lines is sure to have you looking stylish this summer.

geometric outfit geometric

  • Athletic pieces – here’s a great alternative to all the fashionistas out there who aren’t always into super girly fashion statements: athletic style outfits.  You don’t necessarily have to be engaged in any sort of sport to create an outfit with an athletic vibe. Baseball caps, varsity jackets, tennis skirts and trainers or sneakers are just some of the things you should make sure to have in your summer wardrobe. This style is a super comfy one that you can wear on casual days.