Summer Accessories No Fashionista Should be Without

Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons and I know a lot of fashionistas out there love this time, too, just because dressing up is do much easier and always more fun. During summer, fashion becomes all about fun, bright and vivid colors, cool and hip accessories and looking young and fabulous. I love how summer dressing is super easy and effortless. Of course, accessories make up a huge chunk of the fun in summer dressing. Summer accessories are gorgeous, especially when they come in all colors. Speaking of accessories, check out these summer accessories no fashionista should be without.

  • Summer scarves – scarves are usually meant to keep us warm but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear them in warm weather anymore. For summer, choose light scarves like silk, mesh or lace that burst with colors, prints and patterns and use them to add a pop of color to a simple outfit. You can also wear them like a sarong to the beach while lounging around. Aside from that, you can wear your summer scarves as a bandana or a belt. With so many things that you can do with a summer scarf, this accessory takes the number one spot in our list.

summer scarf outfit vinrage scarf bandana look

  • Oversized floppy hat – an oversized floppy hat is the perfect accessory to reach for if you need something that will instantly add that chic factor to any summer look. Not only that, it also protects your hair (and, if the brim is wide enough, your eyes too) from the sun so you don’t have to deal with it as much.

floppy straw hat

floppy brown hat

  • Sunglasses – need to give your look that final ‘oomph’ before you step out of the house? Go ahead and reach for your favorite pair of sunglasses, put them on and see how this itty bitty accessory creates such a huge difference in your look. Sunglasses are both stylish and functional so make sure you always have one with you this summer!

mirrored aviator sunnies

  • Wedge sandals – looking for the perfect compromise between fancy heels and casual flip flops? Try a pair of wedge sandals instead. You get the height boost that heels offer and the same casual look and comfort from flip flops. Wedge sandals are perfect for walking around all day under the summer sun because you’re sure that your darling feet won’t be in pain like if you were wearing heels.

neutral wedge outfit cute summer wedges

  • Oversized tote – no summer is complete without a trip to the beach (or the pool or the lake or wherever else you can go swimming) and for these trips, you’ll need a bag that will hold all your essentials and more. An oversized tote is the perfect bag to bring to the beach because it can hold your basic necessities as well as your swimsuit, beach towel, spare set of clothes and more.

LV neverfull tote oversized shopper

  • Wristlet – if you’re not headed to beach, on the other hand, and you just want to spend the day out in the summer sun, a wristlet would be a better choice since it’s compact and not heavy at all. Choose a wristlet that can fit all your essentials like your keys, your cards, some cash and maybe one or two beauty products you can’t leave the house without.


pink summer wristlet