Summer Date Night Fashion Tips

Going out with your man to a summer date night? Now that the temps have risen, your date night wardrobe needs a little bit of tweaking. Dressing up for summer is easy so configuring your summer date night wardrobe shouldn’t be a problem. Bust out those cute tank tops and mini dresses and ditch those cable knits and replace them with something that’s not too thick or heavy that will make you sweat but rather something that will give you just enough warmth on a chilly summer night. If you haven’t got your date night wardrobe planned (and I don’t know what you’ve been waiting for), check out these summer date night fashion tips that are sure to have you looking cute and stylish any time your man asks you out on a nice date.

  • Your classic LBD – this one never goes out of style anyway so it’s wise to always have it ready at all times in your closet in case your man asks you out on a fancy date night. If you’re like most women, your LBD is probably something that’s perfect for the warm summer weather so if you know you’re going to be out late, just make sure you bring something along that would keep you warm like a scarf, shawl or a light cardigan.

perfect LBD for summer date night summer lbd and boots

  • Crisp white shirt and cute pants – going out on a casual date where you know the vibe is easy and relaxed? Don’t stress yourself out trying to come up with an outfit to wear. Slip into a crisp white shirt and wear it with a pair of cute pants and sexy heels and you’re ready to go! This is perfect for casual date nights AND going for some drinks after. Don’t forget to add a nice accessory or two into the mix to liven up your outfit and make it look more fun.

white shirt floral pants

black and white outfit

  • Tank top and shorts – going out on a nice stroll around the block with your date? If you’re not going anywhere fancy, then your outfit should be easy and fuss-free. A simple tank top with shorts and a pair of cute heels should do the job on these kinds of dates. You can even wear this to diner dates or dates at the nearby burger joint and perhaps even to grab a quick drink at the local bar.

summer tank top tank top shorts and boots

  • Girly dress and a kick ass jacket – this is one of my favorite looks for a summer date night out. Pick out a sweet and dainty dress from your closet (like a lace one or one with a flowy silhouette) and top it off with a kick ass jacket (like a moto jacket or a bomber jacket). This outfit is both sexy and sweet so it’s perfect if you’re torn between these two looks.

white dress studded jacket sweet and sexy

  • Jumpsuit – jumpsuits are back on trend and they’re perfect for a summer date night out with your man. Your everyday ordinary fun-filled jumpsuits are perfect for casual nights out while the dressier ones can be worn to fancier dates. Make sure to wear a statement piece of jewelry and finish off with lovely shoes for the ultimate summer date night look.

floral jumpsuit shorts sexy black jumpsuit