Summer Fashion Items You Could Take with You to Early Fall

Summer’s almost coming to a halt but that doesn’t mean you should stop buying cute summer pieces to wear (unless your closet is begging you to stop, that is). Of course, you can’t just buy anything at this point. Swimsuits, for one, should now be a done deal. Aside from the fact that you already have cute ones, there’s really not that much time to hit the beach anymore because you’d be too busy caught up on work and stuff. There are, however, some summer pieces you can still buy now and wear and then take with you into early fall. Whether you’re Check out a few of these summer fashion items you could take with you into early fall.

  • Light cardigans – light cardigans are perfect to wear over crop tops on days when you don’t feel like showing off too much skin but they also make great layering pieces for early fall when the temperatures have not gone down completely yet. Though fall fashion usually abounds with dark colors, you can choose to wear a bright light cardigan to somehow bring a little bit of summer sunshine into the colder days.

light long cardigan light wool cardigan maroon cardigan and white dress

  • Maxi skirts and maxi dresses – maxi skirts and maxi dresses have been summer staples for years but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them after summer ends. Maxis are very versatile and they’re gorgeous to wear all year round. When wearing them during colder seasons like fall, though, pair them with heavier shoes like boots instead of sandals or flats. You can also add a jacket on top of maxi dresses to make them warmer for fall.

chic fall maxi outfit leather jacket and maxi skirt

  • Leggings – leggings are so ideal for summer because they’re super easy to wear and they’re really lightweight and breezy as well. So, how do you wear leggings in fall, you ask? Easy! Just wear them underneath dresses, skirts or shorts to keep your legs warmer when it’s cold outside.

denim shorts and leggings combo leggings underneath skirt outfit

  • Scarves – summer scarves are a little lighter than the conventional chunky and heavy winter scarves but most of them are just enough to provide you with a little bit of warmth when worn around the neck during early fall when the temperature isn’t that cold just yet.

summer to fall transition outfit summer scarf for fall light floral fall scarf

  • Tank tops – tank tops are one of the most basic summer must haves that everyone has. It’s the perfect piece to reach for if you want something that will keep you cool outdoors while you’re under the hot summer sun but don’t stash them away yet just because early fall is coming. You can still wear your tank tops underneath layers to add a bit more of warmth to your look.

stylish fall outfit tank top and chunky sweater white tank top outfit

  • Hats – this summer, our eyes were treated to all sorts of hats – from oversized floppy hats to slinky fedoras and bold bowler hats (some even had those cute little cat ears on them. Adorable!) Instead of reaching for your regular beanies and bonnets for fall, why not get chic and wear your summer sun hats? It’s great for adding a dash of coolness to your fall looks.

floppy hat for fall summer hat for fall