Superb and Stunning Glass Earrings

If you want cute and cool earrings that shine without the expensive prices of diamonds and other gems, using glass earrings is the top choice for women. Glass earrings create an illusion of using gems without really having to spend on more expensive jewelries. Plus, glass earrings are very unique and light and you may easily use them during ordinary days.

There are various glass earrings to choose from. From venetian glass earrings, sea glass earrings, crystal earrings, glass stud earrings, glass drop earrings and others, there are perfect designs for you fashion sense. Here are some of the coolest glass earrings that I personally love:

Venetian glass earrings are one of the most attractive glass earrings. They are made from Venetian glass from the island of Murano known for colorful, elaborate, and skillfully made glasses. Use one like this for that colorful crystal in your ears.

Venetian Glass Earrings

Glass crystal earrings are very charming and cute like these green and light blue dangle earrings. They look like real emerald and aquamarine stones, but are more casual for ordinary days.

Crsytal earrings

Another good option for glass earrings are dichroic glasses. Dichroic glass contain unique characteristics as manifested by glass hues at different wavelengths. If you want unique earrings like this, look for dichroic glass earrings designs.

Dichroic Glass Earrings

If you want studs, this glass stud in flower emblem has a very feminine design. It is made from sea glass in various colors for that unique flower color.
Glass earrings

If you are looking for cool styles, this glass spiral earrings is the perfect choice. Hook the spiral glass earring and you are set for that funky look.

Glass Spiral Earrings

This Gold framed glass earrings is another perfect style if you desire a more glamorous look. The gold frame makes it more magnificent, yet the glass beads make it cheaper in price. Gold Framed Glass Earrings

This is another unique glass earring piece for your jewelry collection. It is made from hallow glass bead contained in brass hooks for that vintage feel.Hallow Glass Bead Earrings

If you want elegance, this  jet glass earrings is very chic and graceful. Match it with a formal dress on special occasions for that inexpensive, yet stunning look.

Jet glass earrings

Sea glass is a naturally weathered glass found on salt water or fresh water. The water naturally sculpts the sea glass for a very fine and soft glass texture such as those in these earrings.

Sea glass earrings

To complete the collection on glass earrings, this tiny glass vessel earrings with flowers is very cool and fresh.

Tiny Glass Vessel Earrings

Glass earrings can range from cool designs to superb and elegant pieces. If you are into earrings collection, but with a limited budget, you can opt for glass earrings rather than real gemstones.