Teen Fashion Icons Everyone Is Watching

Fashion is such a diverse industry, don’t you think? It’s one of those industries where all you really need is passion to excel. With fashion, anyone can stand out. In fact, some of the most stylish fashion icons of today are teens. Here are some of the best and freshest teen fashion icons everyone is watching.

  • KENDALL JENNER – Kendall has already achieved so much and she’s only 19. Having landing a huge modeling gig under the best and the biggest modeling agencies in the world, Kendall gets dolled up pretty much every single day by pros but her own personal style is really cool and chic, too.

kendall blue suit kendall jenner neutrals outfit kendall jenner

kendall matching set outfit

  • KYLIE JENNER – Kylie may only be 17 but with so much experience under her belt, she is easily one of the most successful teens of her generation and the most stylish one at that, too. At such a young age, Kylie is no stranger to runways, red carpets and fashion shows and these exposures contribute largely to her amazing style.

kylie boho hippie kylie gorgeous look kylie jenner winter style kylie jenner

  • ELLE FANNING – Dakota’s little sister is certainly following her footsteps, not just career-wise but style-wise as well. Elle Fanning is quickly becoming a household name and over time, she has become one of the most amazing teen fashion icons that everyone has their eyes on. At 16, Elle has mastered the art of mixing modern day pieces with a hint of retro to create awesome outfits.

elle fanning outfit elle fanning colorful outfit elle fanning pastels outfit elle fanning

  • HAILEE STEINFELD – actress and model Hailee Steinfeld may be dominating the runways and ruling the big screen looking fab in the designer dresses her glam team has picked out for her but it’s her off duty ‘girl next door with an edge’ style that we’re really jealous of.

hailee steinfeld eye print dress hailee steinfeld outfit hailee steinfeld street style hailee steinfeld

  • CHLOE GRACE MORETZ – whether she’s playing a role for an action-packed film or a scary horror flick or she’s on the red carpet, Chloe always looks immaculate. This young lady has stunning style and at only 17, Chloe already knows how to play  up her assets with fashion – something that takes years for others to master.

chloe floral dress chloe grace street style chloe moretz

  • BELLA THORNE – Disney star Bella Thorne from Shake It Up is another amazing fashionista that many women, not just teens, look up to as a fashion icon. She is one of the braver and bolder few who likes taking risks when it comes to putting together an outfit and although she loves big designers just as much as the next Hollywood teen, Bella can also rock pieces from your everyday high-street store.

bella thorne printed pants bella thorne street style bella thorne bella thorne crop top

  • GIGI HADID – Gigi Hadid is one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angels and she didn’t earn her wings for nothing. Being the daughter of the ultra saucy Yolanda Foster from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gigi has grew up in a home where fashion and style inspiration abound. From that, she has developed her own style and has since become one of the most chic teens in Hollywood.

gigi hadid off duty look gigi hadid off duty gigi hadid street style gigi hadid