The Best Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Month is wrapped up with more than a bang at the leading country in the fashion industry, France. Specifically, in the country’s capital and also the central hub of the French fashion industry: Paris, The City of Light. The French has always been known for their good taste in fashion, seeing as this is a vital part of the country’s cultural life and society. And there’s also the fact that the leading fashion capital of the world houses many fashion designers and their respective fashion houses and labels.

Thus, Paris Fashion Week has become one of the most awaited fashion event of the world. Last month’s Paris Fashion Week brought forth a lot of inspiration to us fashion fans and stylish people. And the street scene during those days was abundant of a variety of styles. There were some simple outfits that you can easily recreate and outfits that will make you go, “How can she even get away with that?” Trust me, whether you are a minimalist, maximalist, or the many things in between, there are a great lot of looks for you. Here are some of them.

Double Denim Outfits

Double denim or also known as Canadian tuxedo was once a fashion faux pas we tend to avoid but now, because of fashion bloggers, it’s a fashion faux pas no longer. Fashionable ladies attending the Paris Fashion Week were captured wearing the trend. Why not? The growing chills that comes with fall just makes such a great excuse to wear them. And the easiest way to nail this trend is by having only the outerwear and bottom be in denim. A break of the almost all-denim outfit by wearing top of different fabric will not lessen the appeal of the denim-on-denim look.

double denim pants |Aelidadouble denim skirt | Aelida

Classic Chic Style

The French will always be known for their impeccable taste in fashion—so effortless in its appearance and work yet truly very stylish and chic. Classic chic, this includes Parisian chic, is a common style you can see every day in Paris but not so during the Fashion Week. Still, it’s a great look for everyday and can transition seamlessly from work time to the happy hour.

classic black and white outfit | Aelida

classic trench coat outfit | Aelida

‘70s Bomber Jackets

The nostalgia for the seventies certainly emerged this year and with the start of fall, we have another choice for a fashionable outerwear. Bomber jackets are a sort of throwback of the edgy hippie days of the seventies. Go for graphic printed ones or those with unconventional, non-neutral colors. They contrast the dull and bleak atmosphere of autumn.

floral accented bomber jacket | Aelidaprinted bomber jacket | Aelida

Graphic Trench Coats

It’s a daring move to wear printed outerwear instead of printed tops or bottoms. But we expect nothing less from the street style stars present in Paris Fashion Week last month. From bright color-blocked trench coats to graphic trench coats, fashion mavens have certainly broadened the ways to add bright color on your outfits this fall and winter.

colorful color-blocked coat | Aelidagraphic constellation coat | Aelida

Colored Leather

Leather is a well-loved textile all year round but it will always shine through during the colder seasons of fall and winter. Colored leather is another way to add bright colors to your fall and winter wardrobe that will typically be full of deep and rich shades. Click here for a more extensive post about wearing colored leather.

Miranda Kerr green leather jacket | Aelidared leather mini skirt | Aelida

Dress Over Pants

During fall and winter, dresses are not worn without slipping on a pair of leggings or tights. But this year, there’s another thing you can layer underneath dresses that will help keep your legs warm all the time: you guessed it, pants. Yes, this maternity outfit has become a new loose and laid back look to wear those flowing and breezy dresses this fall and winter.

dress over pants | Aelidadress over pants outfit | Aelida

The New Bed-To-Brunch Look

A key element on every French outfit is that I-woke-up-like-this look that perfectly combines sloppy and chic. And here’s a great bet-to-brunch look that’s been abundant during the Paris Fashion Week. Ladies are wearing blanket-like coats. Whether it’s draped over your shoulders in a sloppy chic Olsen twins style, or belted over your waist. This blanket coat is really a great outerwear to achieve that homey look.

plaid blanket coat | Aelidabelted blanket coat | Aelida