The Best Street Style Looks Of Milan Fashion Week

Milan is definitely one of the Big Three of the fashion events of the world alongside New York and Paris. The Italian city has been widely recognized as one of the world’s most important fashion capitals and is one of the main sartorial hub of the country. It is  considered a home by numerous well-known fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Gianni & Donatella Versace, Miuccia Prada, Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana. It also housed sme of the major fashion houses and labels in the entire world including the fashion labels of the designers mentioned above.

As of today, Milan plays an important role in the prêt-à-porter (or ready-to-wear) category in fashion. And just a month ago, which is the renowned Fashion Month, Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2016 just wrapped up. Here are some of the best street style looks from Milan Fashion Week.

Leather dresses seem to become a trend this fall and the trend speaks so loudly during the Milan Fashion Week. The common silhouette for leather dress is the apron-like one which makes layering a shirt underneath completely doable.

leather minidress MFWleather dress MFW

Speaking of layering shirts under sleeveless dresses, this easy way to wear sleeveless dresses for fall is also seen a lot in Milan Fashion Week–particularly maxi dresses. There’s a certain classiness to this while being able to wear dresses during the fall.

maxi dress MFW

maxi dress and shirt MFW


The feet and legs are the parts of the body that easily gets cold during the fall and winter. Especially if you wear garments that are wide-legged or flowing around the bottom part like skirts and wide-legged jumpsuits. An easy way to protect you from the dropping temperature is by wearing tights or leggings. But what everyone loves to do is wear a pair of leather knee-high boots. It’s chic and very fitting for the season.

dress and knee high boots MFWtucked in leather boots MFW

Plain denim jeans may never have faded from being a trend. But every once in a while, people get creative with denim. And the Milanese are very bold in plunging and setting new trends, and oftentimes, they get away with it. Embellishments and embroideries are only stylish when you wear them with plain-colored and basic clothes. Go for a rustic look with embroidered or embellished pants so as not to make the outfit look too tacky.

embroidered pants MFWembellished jeans MFW

Flared jeans are the modern epitome of seventies nostalgia. And as the street style muses in Milan Fashion Week sees it, these pants are best worn high-waisted and floor-length. The smooth vertical line it creates can make one look taller so better take note, ladies.

printed flared pants MFWflared jeans MFW

You don’t necessarily have to bring huge bags when all you’ll be bringing can be put into one tiny bag. These little cute bags are not only cute but quite functional too as they lessen the weight and hassle of carrying huge bags with very few contents.

little crossbody bag MFWlittle handbag MFW

I’ve talked about how mules and clogs are making sartorial comebacks this year from becoming two of the avoided footwear from the early 2000s. And while these shoes may have been great during the spring and summer, they are so wonderfully fitting during the colder seasons with their bulkiness and chunkiness.

clogs sandals MFWclogs MFW

Mixing prints will remain as a staying trend even in this season and that’s something not only Milan Fashion Week has pointed out but as well as the other previous fashion events. To keep this trend for the colder season, you want to go for prints in deeper and richer hues rather than those with pastel  and light shades that were abundant during the spring and summer.

mix print MFWplaid and floral MFW

I am getting serious love for these lace bows that has some undone chic quality to them. They are very stylish and feminine and, when these are worn in what could have been a very sharp and polished outfit, the bows add a touch of softness to your attire that kind of amps up to the appeal of the outfit.

blue bow tie MFWblack bow tie MFW

There is no question of the position of stripes in the trendy patterns and prints. The classic pattern is definitely a timeless one. But it doesn’t harm anyone to wear stripes in an entirely different way like going for multi-colored stripes.

triple stripes dress MFWstripes MFW