The California Girl’s Wardrobe Must Haves

California is one of the most fashionable places and California girls are some of the best dressed women in the US and perhaps even around the world. Unlike the New York fashion which is more basic and utilitarian (check out our article on how to dress like a New Yorker here), a California girl’s wardrobe is filled with more fun and colorful pieces that pop and shine under the warm California sun. California fashion is very trend-driven, too. Often, you’ll see the latest trend on fashionistas from this place. Whether you’re planning on moving to Cali and want to blend in or you just want to dress up like a stylish California girl, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the California girl’s wardrobe must haves.

  • Heeled sandals – Cali girls are known for being super stylish, sassy and fabulous and if that means having to deal with strain on the feet all day long while tip-toeing in heels, they’ll do that. Any California girl’s outfit is never complete without at least a few couple pairs of fierce and sexy heels. To most California girls, style comes before comfort and heels are the perfect way to add‘oomph’ to any look.

maxi skirt and high heels neutral outfit and white heels

  • Denim jacket – Cali weather is usually hot though there are times when temps do drop below 60 degrees. Even then, you wouldn’t really need anything too thick or too heavy as it’s not too cold. A denim jacket is the perfect piece to wear on days when temps drop in Cali. It gives you just the right amount of warmth and it also adds to the casual vibe of your outfit.

denim jacket and colored shorts

denim jacket

  • Lovely hats – because the sun is always out and shining in California, you’ll need something that will protect your hair and your head from the heat. A nice and lovely hat is a great way to spice up your outfit and get protection from the extensive heat. Often, hats that have brims extending outwards are the ones that are more often used because they add extra protection for the eyes as well.

cute basic outfit straw bowler hat

  • Shorts – shorts are a perennial must for the typical California girl’s closet. It doesn’t matter whether they’re denim, leather, lace, silk or any other fabric. What matters is that they’re cute and they show off those beautifully toned legs.

black shorts lime top animal print shorts

  • Colorful dresses – California fashion is one of the best and the cutest. California girls love to wear colorful dresses, especially those that have really fun prints and cute and sexy silhouettes. With so many cool stores everywhere in California, shopping for colorful dresses is easy breezy.

fun and colorful outfit colorful red and white dress

  • Flattering swimsuits – when you’re a stone’s throw away from the wonderful beaches of California, the smart thing to do is invest in a lot of flattering swimsuits (next to working on the perfect beach body, that is) and rock them on the beach every weekend. Look for swimsuits that really highlight your assets and conceal your flaws. You’ll want to look nothing but gorgeous, now wouldn’t you?

black and white swimsuit fun colorful swimsuit