The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Miniskirt

Wearing a miniskirt can go two ways: you either look cute and sexy in it or you look trashy and we all want to achieve the first one, obviously. Miniskirts are very tempting to wear. They’re also never out of style so you can rest easy knowing you won’t look outdated in it. However, looking good in a miniskirt can be a little bit challenging. Because of its length, you’ll have to be careful with what you wear with it and how you style it. Here is a list of some of the do’s and don’ts of wearing a mini skirt.

  • Do look for a miniskirt with the perfect length – not all women, or miniskirts, are created equal so it’s important that you find a miniskirt with the perfect length for you. Your height and how long your legs are matters in finding the perfect miniskirt length. You’ll want something long enough to not make you feel half naked but also short enough to showcase your legs and just the right amount of skin.

classy miniskirt outfit classy nude shoes

  • Don’t forget to shave your legs – come on, ladies. I think one of the reasons why we love wearing miniskirts so much is because we get to showcase our gorgeous legs in them and not shaving your legs is just a huge no-no. When wearing a miniskirt, your legs become the focus of your whole outfit (given that you’re doing it right, of course) so making sure that your legs look and feel smooth is a must.

cute printed miniskirt

stylish miniskirt outfit

  • Do wear your miniskirt with classy shoes – Stilettos, pumps and high heels are great with miniskirts, especially if you’re petite and are trying to look a few inches taller and so are flats, sandals and even flip flops if you just want an easy, casual look wearing miniskirts. Thigh high boots, on the other hand, are not. Why, you ask? Just look back at Julia Roberts’ miniskirt and thigh high boots outfit combo from Pretty Woman and you’ll understand why. If you must wear boots with a miniskirt, go for ankle boots.

chic denim miniskirt streetstyle miniskirt outfit

  • Don’t wear tight, fitted, racy and revealing tops – this is how you keep an outfit with a miniskirt classy. Your miniskirt is already showing enough skin with your long, gorgeous legs so try to keep it covered up top. Steer clear of any top that’s too tight, too racy, too sexy and or too slinky because that’s when your outfit will start looking trashy and confusing.

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  • Do wear the right underwear – another important thing to keep in mind when wearing miniskirts is the undergarments you wear underneath it. The wind might blow your skirt in different directions, you skirt might get caught up in something, and other things may happen that might catch you off guard and leave you in embarrassment but you can certainly prevent these by wearing underwear that provides adequate coverage (that means NO to slinky thongs). Boyleg underwear offers great coverage and so does shapewear (plus it makes you look more fit, too).

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