The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Shapewear

With the kind of technology we have today, almost everything is at its best state. Shapewear used to be less popular because they were so difficult to deal with due to all the underwire  and corset-like features that made wearing it just uncomfortable. With all the improvements made in the past few years, though, shapewear has become lighter, more comfortable and easier to use which is why more and more women are being attracted to use them. They’re hardly ever noticeable too but they’re great at giving your body a sexier silhouette which makes you feel more confident to wear sexier clothes. If chosen and worn correctly, shapewear can prove to be an investment for your closet. Here are the do’s and don’ts of wearing shapewear.

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  • DO learn to put shapewear on correctly – a lot of women are put off by shapewear because they find it difficult to put on. When worn incorrectly, shapewear can look awkward and may not even do anything for your body. Learn to wear shapewear correctly to get optimal results from it. No matter what kind of shapewear it is that you use, always bunch it up like a pantyhose, step INTO it and slowly pull it up while releasing the fabric. This way, your shapewear will be seamless and flawless and will make your body look fantastic.

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  • DON’T buy shapewear that’s too big or too small – this is perhaps one of the biggest mistake people make when buying shapewear. They think that the smaller the shapewear is, the sexier their silhouette is going to be. Well, the truth is that when shapewear is too small, it will not provide much support and may not be able to hold up. It will create rolls and bulges which are very unsightly too. As for bigger shapewear, people think that the bigger the shapewear, the more comfy it will be. Again, this is wrong. If you get shapewear bigger than your size, it won’t do anything to give your body a slimmer look at all so remember to get the right shapewear size for your body all the time.

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  • DO know which areas to target – just like deciding on a routine for working out, you need to know what your problem areas are before buying shapewear. Different shapewear styles are designed for different areas. Busty women can benefit greatly from minimizer bras while those who have problems with their hips and thighs could use a slip shaper or a thigh slimmer. There are also kinds of shapewear that cater to the whole body in the form of a suit. You can get this if you want an overall slimmer look.

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  • DON’T rely on shapewear for a trimmer and fitter body – the results you get from shapewear are only temporary so don’t rely on them for long-term results. The clothes you wear while using shapewear can be limited as you have to conceal shapewear while in use. For a truly fit and trim body, you should eat a well-balanced diet and do exercise regularly. These are the things that you can rely on in the long run.

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