The Only Purses You Need All Summer Long

For many of us women, our purse is one of the most important accessories we can add to any outfit. Not only does it make an outfit look complete and more stylish, it also holds your everyday essentials as well as all the other things you need while you’re out on a certain day. As the season changes our wardrobe changes as well and that means the accessories we choose to go with our outfits get switched up as well and that includes purses. Though there are some purses that you could consider as your everyday go-to purse that works for you all year long, some bags simply look better in specific seasons. If you’re stuck in a rut trying to figure out what purses to use this summer (or what to buy, if you’re shopping for some to add in your summer wardrobe), check out this list of the only purses you need all summer long.

  • Bucket bag – bucket bags are all the rage right now. Everyone has them – from your favorite celebs and models to popular style and fashion bloggers to the everyday ordinary fashionista you’ll meet around the block. A bucket bag is perfect as an everyday summer purse because it’s size is sufficient enough to carry your summer essentials like cards, cash, phone, lip balm, cologne / perfume, lotion, sunscreen and whatnot and it will still have enough space for  other miscellaneous items.

black bucket bag sleek black bucket bag

  • Oversized summer tote – another must have purse for summer that you should have is an oversized summer tote. This is the purse that you’ll need for road trips or for sleeping over at your friend’s place. When choosing an oversized summer tote, make sure that it’s large enough to hold your essentials as well as some spare clothes or at least your bikini / swimsuit because, after all, summer is all about fun and often impromptu moments, right?

two tone beach bag

oversized summer tote

  • Beach bag – just like the oversized summer tote, your beach bag should be large enough to hold all essentials, your swimsuits and perhaps a beach towel as well. Most beach bags are made from cloth so they store easily in your drawers or closet when not in use. You can even DIY your own beach bag if you don’t feel like spending a ton of money for something you’ll only use for summer.

woven beach bag summer tote bag

  • Embellished clutch – and because summer is all about having fun, it’s impossible for the season to go by without you having a night out or two (or more) with your friends, right? Whether it’s a quick drink at the bar or a full night of partying on the dance floor, you’ll need a purse that will hold at least your basic necessities like your keys, card, cash, some makeup for touching up and your phone. You don’t need anything big for summer nights out. A small and cute embellished clutch is often enough to hold everything you need for the night. You can choose between a handheld clutch or a wristlet type one, it just depends on how convenient you want your purse to be.

beaded going out clutch embellished clutch cute

  • Cross body bag – if your summer is all planned and filled with trips around the city and other nearby places for shopping and some other fun activities, a cross body bag will surely come in handy. A cross body bag lets you bring all your essentials with you while keeping your hands free so it’s super convenient on a busy day.

red crossbody bag small cross body bag