The Owl Fashion Trend

Don’t you just love how exciting and ever-changing the fashion scene is? One minute everyone’s gone back to the retro style and the next, some new crazy trend is going on. Speaking of crazy trends, have you joined the owl fashion trend yet? Now, don’t get confused. The owl fashion trend does not require you to dress or look like an owl. Rather it’s about wearing fashionable pieces that have prints / images of owls on them. It’s a very cute trend and a nice way to bring out the child in you. Here are some of the hottest owl fashion items you’ll find in the market today:

  • Owl tops – of course, the most basic piece of clothing has to have an owl on it. An owl shirt is very nice if you want to create a fun casual look that you can wear any day. Naturally, most pieces will have a cartoonized picture / sketch of an owl rather than a picture of a real one because the latter is rather grotesque and may not be as appealing to the female population where as the cartoonized versions are cuter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shirt, a sweater, a tank top or a blouse as long as it’s got a cute owl on it then you’re cool.

owl top owl sweatshirt owl shirt

owl shirt outfit

  • Owl jewelry – owls are not just used as cute graphic designs on tops; they also make a beautiful and whimsical charm for jewelry. You’ll find a lot of beautifully hand crafted clay owl jewelry on sites like Etsy and perhaps from some online crafters who sell their creations via social networking sites. These are perfect for everyday ordinary outfits. If you want something more elegant, you can also find owl jewelry made from silver or gold, some will even have rhinestones or crystals on them.

ring owl earrings owl

  • Owl beanies – looking for a fun way to shake up your looks this winter? Well, look no more because the answer is right here in this blog: just wear an owl beanie! Now, you may think character and animal beanies are for kids; you’re right! And that’s the whole point of wearing it. It’s fun, it’s young and it’s cool. It’s a great way to remain warm and toasty this season.

owl beanie owl beanie hat

  • Owl purse – if you like the owl trend but aren’t crazy at the idea of actually wearing anything with the image of an owl on, you can always resort to just ‘carrying’ the owl fashion trend around in the form of a purse / bag.

owl purse owl clutch