The Ultimate Dress Guide For Your Body Shape

Every one of us has a unique body that we own. And we should not succumb to what we deem as the “standard” or the “ideal” body shape because, let me tell you right now, that thing does not exist. Well, to be exact, there is no one body shape that is beautiful. Each of us has the potential to be beautiful and our bodies are beautiful just the way they are.

The problem with achieving that sought-after beautiful body is innate. And it is innate, not in the sense of finding the fault on your body and your genetic features. But rather, the problem is innate because of our attitudes towards our bodies. We usually try to impress other people more than our selves. That’s not healthy–neither for your self-esteem or for your body. Getting too caught up with your own insecurities that are built up from the need to impress others could result to you not being able to let out the best assets that your body could offer.

You might think that layering will do good for your body when, in fact, it just swamps your shape. Or you might think avoiding body-fit outfits will help you out when, in actuality, it’s exactly what you need to look gorgeous for the night.

And, let’s all admit, that those formal events like prom or wedding are when you are able to glam yourself up and wear a fancy dress. And they might not be walking on the red carpet or winning the Oscars but those events are moments in your lives when you feel pretty and satisfied and good about yourself. And the most flattering dress you wear could just make the night, right?

So here in this ultimate dress guide for your body shape, I’ll be helping you identify what body shape you have, the upsides of that particular shape and some tips on when you’re out dress-hunting. I hope this helps and enjoy!


The easiest way to determine what body shape you have is to wear your underwear or a leotard and stand in front of a full-body mirror. Notice your entire body; see how big or small your bust in comparison to your waist and hips. There are plenty of body shapes out there but the following five are the most common of them all.


For ladies with a more definite hips, narrow shoulders and upper torso, and most of your excess fat goes to the hips, you have a pear-shaped body. Women with pear-shaped bodies are attractive to some people in the world since they believe ladies with this body shape could carry a child inside her well. For you ladies with pear-shaped bodies, I suggest that you let that feminine asset stand out. You could do this by cinching a thin belt around the waist and going for empire-waist dresses. The key is to keep your waist-up fit while you let the dress fall gently across your hips.

thin belt on the waist for pear shaped Leighton Meester


Rectangular-shaped bodies has very subtle curves. Your bust is almost equal to the circumference of your hips. The great thing is that, while you don’t have obvious curves, you could gain weight evenly all over your body. Your goal is to emphasize the subtle curves that you have with feminine details and accents and a shapely-silhouetted dress. You got the wonderful advantage of being able to wear prints and elaborate designs without really worrying if it would cramp up your style–just stay on curvy and soft details rather than stiff and sleek ones.

a-line dress for rectangular shape Keira Knightley

asymmetric wrap dress for rectangular shape Anne Hathaway


Apple-shaped bodies don’t have a definitive waist and your bust area is usually a tad bit wider than your hip area. Most people with this body shape tend to cover up their lack of waist by wearing slouchy and loose layered outfits. Don’t do this. This will only swamp your body shape even more. Love that body and go for form-fitting dresses to create the illusion of waist. Solid and simple dresses also creates a smooth and sleek silhouette which could just make you look jaw-dropping gorgeous.

sleek white dress for apple shape Jennifer Hudson


Hourglass-shaped bodies are kinda like rectangle in the sense that your bust area and hip area are proportional. But where rectangular-shaped have subtle curves, hourglass bodies have defined waistline giving you an obvious show of your curves. I highly suggest showing off those curves by wearing slim-fitted dresses. But if you like, you could always go for a dress with full skirt; just keep your upper torso fit.

mermaid dress silhouette for hourglass Sofia Vergara

a-line dress for hourglass Scarlett Johansson


The most standout feature of an inverted triangular-shaped body is your broad shoulders and narrow hips. For some, you might think that this is something you should hide but don’t because broad shoulders give a sharp and athletic look on you. Opt for a dress with a more feminine silhouette. If you do wear something with sleeves, choose one that fits snugly. You could also keep it classy with a tailored silhouette.

halter dress for inverted triangle shape Jessica Biel

caped tailored dress for inverted triangle shape ANgelina Jolie