Tim Gunn’s Tips for Getting Dressed Everyday

Fashion is such a tricky industry and designers are pressured everyday to come up with styles and designs that are stylish and up to date. It’s true what they say on Project Runway “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”. Speaking of Project Runway, do you ever wonder what Tim Gunn has to say about glamming up and getting dressed everyday? We sure do. I mean, if there’s anyone who knows the ins and outs of fashion, it’s him and we would sure like to know his insights when it comes to how a woman should dress up. Here are Tim Gunn’s tips for getting dressed everyday. Follow these tips and you’re sure to look like the fiercest fashionista in town.

  • Think about the people you will be meeting with – if you have plenty of meeting scheduled throughout the day, Tim Gunn suggests that you dress up for the highest level of meeting you have so that you’re appropriately dressed for that meeting and all the others. When picking out which clothes to wear, think about the people you will be meeting. Are you going to meet with executives or is it just the casual monthly meeting at the office where only you and your coworkers will be present? This way, you know whether or not you need to power dress or just sport the usual.

office chick weekend outfit

  • Think about the places you intend to go for the day – if you plan on staying in the office, then it’s fine that you wear your highest heels since you’ll probably be sitting down most of the time anyway. On the other hand, if you plan on spending the day outdoors, you may want to opt for a more comfortable pair of footwear and you might also want to wear something that wont restrict your movements or make you sweat too much while you’re out and about doing your business. Knowing where you will go should affect your choice of clothing for everyday.

simple casual outfit

neutral outfit

  • Think about how you want people to see you – the way you dress will greatly affect the way people will perceive you, especially those who will be seeing and meeting you for the first time. Do you want others to see you as someone who is laidback and relaxed or do you want them to see you as this corporate chick who doesn’t goof around? Do you want them to see you as someone who’s really into fashion or someone who really doesn’t care much about what she wears as long as she’s covered up? Think about how you want other people to see you when choosing an outfit to sport for the day.

girly outfit gorgeous outfit

  • Take tip #3 and apply the same for your accessories – your accessories will also give other people a hint about you. If you wear big, chunky statement accessories, you may come off as someone who’s fun and quirky while daintier items like stud earrings will have other thinking you’re more of the classy traditional type.

printed hip

  • DO NOT try too hard – according to Tim Gunn, one of the most common and biggest mistake women make when dressing up is that they try too hard. You don’t have to always wear designer labels or famous name brands. You also don’t have to pile on layers and layers of clothing and accessories to the point where people who look at you will get confused as to what look you are trying to pull off. Bottom line: dress simply and accordingly.

casual everyday outfit