Tips and Ideas on Wearing Starry Printed Outfits

One of the most worn style of print today is the starry print. On streets and on runways you will see women wearing starry printed outfits and rocking it like no on else can. It’s really a very simple print and a lot of people think ‘Sure I’d look good in that!’ but some starry printed outfits are actually a lot harder to pull off. When wearing this trendy print, you will have to make sure that you don’t look like you came straight out of a kid’s Science book on the galaxy. Here are some ideas on wearing starry printed outfits:

  • Starry printed top – a starry printed top can instantly liven up any look. There are lots of options that you can choose from when wearing a starry printed top. You can wear it in a piece that’s printed with stars all over, you can wear a top with stars only on certain parts that act as details or you can also wear one that has a simple and subtle star print design as minimal as one small star.

star top outfit star top outfits

star top

  • Choosing color combinations – if you want the starry print on your outfit to really pop and stand out, make sure to look for a piece that has great color contrast. For example, black stars against a white top or blue star against the color yellow. On the other hand, if you want something more subtle, go for color combinations with hues close to one another like pink stars against red.

color combo star

color combo

  • Mix starry printed outfits with other prints  – I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘print on print’ trend before but in case you haven’t, it’s basically just wearing two or more items with completely different prints together. A lot are still not sure on how to go about this trend but the secret, really, is just in the proportions. If you’re wearing big prints on top, wear small prints at the bottom and vice versa. wearing starry printed outfits with other prints is easy because it’s not a very difficult print to complement.

print on print outfit print on print

  • Wearing stars from head to foot – wearing stars all over may seem like a bad idea because it will have you looking like the galaxy in one way or another but it can be amazingly gorgeous and flattering if you know how to do it right. Your first option for wearing stars from head to foot is by wearing a starry printed dress. If you choose this option, go for a dress that has stars of different sizes printed on it to make your outfit more interesting rather than monotonous and boring. The other option is to do the print on print trend but this time, it’s stars on stars. Remember, the key to successful print on print pairing is proportions.

star dress outfit star dress star on star