Tips and Tricks for Pulling Off the Boxy Jacket Trend

These days, the trend for women’s fashion isn’t just all about looking cute or glam or fab anymore. You’ll notice that trends for women’s fashion get bolder and bolder by the season and one of the most recent hottest trends in women’s fashion is incorporating menswear pieces into a rather feminine outfit. The result, when done correctly, is a perfectly balanced and stylish outfit. A boxy jacket is one of the easiest menswear pieces to wear with your outfits. It’s a great piece to start with if you want to get in on the menswear fad. Check out our tips and tricks for pulling off the boxy jacket trend.

 Boxy Jacket Trend Tips and Tricks for Pulling Off the Boxy Jacket Trend

  • Wear it cropped – wearing a boxy jacket can make you feel really boyish. The silhouette and the feel of this piece tend to be overpowering and overwhelming so wearing it cropped gives it a softer, more feminine look. Wearing your boxy jacket cropped also makes it more versatile as it becomes easier to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. It becomes more relaxed, casual and suitable for an everyday look. Now, you may not always find cropped boxy jackets from stores and boutiques but you can easily crop them yourself (if you know how to sew) or have them tailored to get the perfect cut.

 cropped  Boxy Jacket Trend

Wear it cropped – wearing a boxy jacket can make you feel really boyish

  • Wear fitted bottoms – when sporting the boxy jacket trend, wearing a fitted bottom is a must. This means that this is the perfect time to bust out your leggings, skinny jeans and other skin tight bottoms you have in your closet. Since the boxy jacket adds bulk to your upper half, wearing a pair of fitted bottoms is the perfect way to balance out your look. Do not be solely confined to pants, though. You can also wear a figure hugging pencil skirt or a pair or well tailored shorts when wearing a boxy jacket.

 street style trendy look

  • Go for an overall compact silhouette – another thing you’ll want do when wearing a boxy jacket with your outfits is to keep an overall compact silhouette. This means that you’ll want to go with pieces that are more fitted than loose. A compact silhouette will help give you a balanced look since the boxy jacket is a little loose and masculine. You’ll want to show some curves in places where you can to offset the boyish vibe. A slouchy silhouette will just do the opposite of that so steer clear from it.

red and black outfit Cute boxy jacket

  • Add feminine details – if you fear that wearing a boxy jacket would overwhelm your overall style and sense of fashion, stop worrying. You can always create a trendy and stylish outfit wearing a boxy jacket without necessarily losing the feminine touch in your look. just make sure that you incorporate feminine details either in your jacket (embellishments, designs, fabric choice, style details, etc) or in the pieces that would go with it. You can also choose to wear lighter, more girly colors with a boxy jacket to give it a softer look.

red jacket feminine and stylish look