Tips for Mixing and Matching Colors in Your Outfits

While there’s no doubt about neutral outfits being chic and all, wearing more than one color in one outfit can be really stylish too but this can only be so if you know what you’re doing. Mixing and matching colors is fun but in order to end up with a cute outfit, you’ll have to use the right colors together. If you know your way around the color wheel, you pretty much know what colors go well together and what don’t. Use that knowledge to pick out colors to wear together in one look. Here are some more tips for mixing and matching colors in your outfits.

  • GO OMBRE – is the monochromatic look too intimidating and overwhelming for you? If you’re not sure about rocking and outfit with the same color in the same shade from head to toe, why not go ombre? It’s quite easy, actually, and it’s much easier to pull off than a proper, full on monochromatic look too. To get a cool ombre look going on in your outfit, pick out two to three colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel and use those.

brown ombre outfit ombre effect piink ombre

dark to light ombre

  • DO A COLOR TRIAD – if having a splash of every color everywhere isn’t your thing and you’d rather wear your hues is nice and clean, try doing a color triad. This way, you only have three solid colors going on in your outfit instead of a million in one in diffused throughout. It’s still bold and eye catching but it’s not the in your face kind of bold.

tricolor outfits tricolor outfit for summer tricolor dress tricolor sweater

  • PAIR BRIGHTS AND NEUTRALS – afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone made up of neutral colors? Take one step at a time and try adding mixing brights with neutrals instead of going bright all the way. Anchoring your bright colors with neutral ones will create a perfectly balanced outfit. You can also use more neutrals and do sort of a pop of color using your bright hues.

neutral dress bright blazer neutral outfit red shoes neutrals and bright neon color neutrals and brights

  • VARY COLOR INTENSITIES – some colors look too bold and intense on their own but they get a little more muted and subdued once you pair them with lighter hues so if you ever find a piece in a color that you think is too much for you, simply look for other colors that it can go with. Sometimes, bright colors with other bright colors work but there are also times when the combo is just too heavy so vary color intensities.

colorful and printed outfit colorful light pastel outfit colorful outfit colorful outfit blazer and shorts