Tips for Picking out Your First Day of School Outfit

Back to school season is almost here and I’m pretty sure you’ll be shopping for your school wardrobe soon. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? When you go shopping for back to school clothes, though, what do you usually look for? Do you buy more clothes that are trendy or do you stick to the basics? Does your school have a dress code that you have to follow or are you free to dress as you please? One of the most ‘crucial’ outfits to shop for during back to school season is your first day outfit. You’ll want something that will help you make a good impression on your new classmates, friends and teachers but you’ll also need it to be comfy so you can wear it all day long. Here are some tips for picking your first day of school outfit.

  • It doesn’t have to be special – of course your first day at school is special, especially if you’re moving to a new school. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to wear something fancy and special (read: something you’ll never wear again for the rest of the school year because it’s too frilly) as well. Wear something pretty but also something that you can reuse throughout the whole school term.

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  • Nothing too flashy – I know you want to impress people at school and look your best for the first day but there’s really no need to wear an outfit that’s too flashy. You wouldn’t want your classmates and teachers to think you’re showing off, that never makes for a good first impression.

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  • Stay true to your style – trying to fit in is a good idea if you’re trying to gain new friends on the first day of school but remember that you don’t have to change who you are in order for that to happen. Stay true to your style and don’t get swayed by what most of the other people are wearing. If your style is more hipster than girly, don’t force yourself into frilly skirts and cutesy tops just because everyone else is wearing them. You always look better when you’re confident in what you’re wearing. Plus, it’s always easier to put together outfits that you know by heart.

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  • Give old classics a try – school outfits today are so far off from what they looked like but we’re glad we’re seeing so many old classics being worn again and with a modern twist / take, too! Try sporting a backpack instead of a satchel or a slinky designer tote or give those cute, pleated school girl skirts a try. You’ll never know what style goodness you’ll fall in love with from the past.

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  • Wear comfy outfits – heels may seem slinky and posh but it’s gonna be hard running from one class to another in them. Be practical and wear something comfortable like flats or sneakers instead. Try to steer clear of clothes that are too tight because these restrict movement and they aren’t very comfortable to be in, especially when you have to sit through classes all day long. Leggings are great because they’re super comfy but make sure to get the thick ones and wear appropriate tops with them.

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