Tips for Recreating Nautical Themed Outfits

Nautical themed outfits are super cute, especially for the summer when they always seem to be really popular. They give you that clean and crisp look that’s oh so chic and perfect for the warm weather. Nautical themed outfits are great for resort wear or for cruise outfits. You can also wear them when you just want to lounge around the beach / pool. If you’re wondering how you can sport this super stylish look for summer, check out these tips for recreating nautical themed outfits.

  • Reach for stripes – if you’re going for a nautical themed outfit and you’re looking for a print design / pattern to wear, choose stripes. Stripes are very popular for nautical themed outfit and they’re the only print pattern you need to recreate the look. A lot of women are lead to believe that the nautical look is difficult to pull off because it uses more horizontal stripes than vertical or diagonal ones but you can actually make horizontal stripes work for any figure by choosing the size, placement and color of your stripes correctly.

simple nautical outfit dressy nautical outfit

  • Stick to basic pieces – the nautical look calls for nothing fancy. A striped t-shirt and khaki or white shorts accessorized with nautical themed pieces is enough if you want to wear the theme with your everyday style. Unless you’re dressing up for Halloween as a sailor chick, there’s really no need to wear anything too fancy and costume-y (read: tailored sailors uniform) just to get the look. Topsider shoes, flats, brogues, loafers, sandals – anything comfy – are often the kind of shoes you’ll want to go for when trying to recreate this look but you can also wear heels or wedges if you want to dress it up a little bit.

spring nautical look

hapa time nautical outfit

  • Work with a neutral color palette – while you can certainly wear any color of your choice when recreating nautical themed outfits, using neutral colors just makes it easier to get the look and really nail it to a T. The most popular colors used when going for the nautical look are white, navy blue, black, and khaki. Red and gold are sometime used as accent colors, too.

nautical themed outfit white gold and navy color scheme

  • Attention to details – the smallest details can sometimes make or break and outfit and if you want to pull off nautical themed outfits to a T, attention to details is very important. The simple addition of gold or brass buttons (where possible) can really give your nautical themed outfit that ‘oomph’. If you’re looking for a way to make the look a bit more girly, just add a cute bow somewhere in your outfit. It will give your look a feminine touch without taking away the nautical vibe.

casual nautical otufit posh nautical inspired outfit

  • Accessorize – accessorizing is actually quite easy when recreating nautical themed outfits. You don’t have to wear anything too lavish or too frilly, just keep in mind that with nautical themed outfits, you’re going for a casual and sophisticated look. Simple jewelry, a wrist watch and your favorite purse should do it though it won’t hurt to throw in a few nautical themed accessories into the mix as well.

summery nautical look glam