Tips for Shopping for Swimsuits Like a Pro

Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach and for that you’ll need a really cute swimsuit that will showcase that beach body you’ve been working on for months now and make you really stand out. A lot of women dread shopping for swimsuits simply because it can sometimes be such an excruciating process. It takes up a lot of time and energy to look for the perfect swimsuit to strut your thing in to at the beach so if you’re planning on hitting the beach for summer, you better start looking for the perfect swimsuit now. Here are some tips on shopping for swimsuits like a pro.

  • Get your tan on – sometimes, even the prettiest swimsuit can look boring when you’re trying it on with pale skin. To make sure you see how a swimsuit would look like on you when you actually have it on at the beach, try to get your tan on before you go shopping for swimsuits. Self tanners are great for getting some color on your skin instantly without exposing yourself too much to the sun.

tanned skin and summer braids flattering swimsuit style

  • Get naked – not in public, that’s certainly not we mean. One of the most common mistakes a lot of women make when looking for the perfect swimsuit is not taking the time to strip down and really take everything off before putting on the swimsuit. They tend to leave on their undergarments which is not really something you would do when you’re wearing your swimsuit to the beach. To get a clear glimpse of how the swimsuit fits (which is very important), take everything off and put the swimsuit on as you would if you were wearing it to the beach.

glowing tan skin

sporty bikini

  • Skimpy is good – a lot of women avoid skimpy bikinis because they think it looks too racy and sometimes even trashy but if you’re looking for a swimsuit that will make you look thinner and leaner, going for the skimpy string bikinis can actually be a good thing. Remember that skimpy doesn’t always mean having the least coverage. Sometimes it just means baring more skin than usual.

sexy gray bikini skimpy animal print swimsuit

  • Shop early – if you’re serious about getting the best of the best swimsuit from the hottest releases of your favorite brands, heading out to shop for them as early as they hit the stores is always a good idea. You get first dibs on the prettiest, cutest and most flattering swimsuits and you also get to see all, if not most, of what the store has to offer. It also means trying on swimsuits first before everybody else does. Yes!

perfect beach outfit mismatched bikinis

  • Shop interchangeable pieces – swimsuits often come in sets but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them strictly with the pair they came with. To get a unique look, shop for swimsuits that can be used interchangeably with other pieces. You can come up with a color palette to make picking pieces easier. If you already have some awesome bikini tops and bottoms sitting at home, maybe all you need is one more set and then mix and match that with what you already have.

mismatched bikinis non matching bikinis