Tips on Doing Boho Winter Style

Boho is such a lovely style that’s very easy to replicate and pull off as long as you have the right pieces. This style is often characterized by its very natural, relaxed and laidback look as well as the many layers of fabric that create one beautiful and cohesive ensemble. Typically, the Boho look is very popular during summer and spring but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off during winter, too! There are lots of ways for you to be able to create a chic and stylish Boho look in the winter without having to sacrifice comfort and warmth. Here are some tips on how you can pull off Boho winter style:pink maxi skirt and sweater

  • Wear tights or leggings under maxi skirts or dresses – we all know that maxi skirts and maxi dresses are core pieces when it comes to creating a Boho look. The movements that these pieces create are simply fab and romantic. Wearing a maxi skirt or dress in the winter can leave your legs freezing, though, so wear  leggings or tights underneath to add extra warmth. No one will notice it, anyway, so don’t bother about it creating a barrier between you and looking fashionable and fabulous.

maxi skirt maxi

  • Opt for boots instead of strappy sandals – yes, strappy sandals are a must have when pulling off the Boho look for summer and spring but in winter when snow easily piles up and you have no choice but to tackle it and walk through, a pair of boots is a way better option. Go for heavy boots like biker boots or combat boots for the perfect balance between soft and hard, gentle and rough.

boots and maxi boots and maxi dress

  • Replace headpieces with a beanie or a hat – popular headpieces for creating the Boho look in summer or spring are headbands, wreaths and floral foliage head pieces but in the winter, you can ditch these and replace them with more functional head pieces / gears like a hat or a beanie. This way, you can still achieve a Boho look while keeping your head and your ears warm.

winter boho outfit winter boho

  • Wear pants – don’t confine yourself and your choices to the traditional Boho look. Feel free to give the Boho style a modern twist by wearing pants instead of a dress or a skirt. You can still keep the Boho vibe on top by layering and with your hair and accessories so don’t worry about discounting the whole Boho feel when you wear pants. Besides, they’re much warmer and suitable for the season. Wide leg trousers make a good alternative to dresses and skirts but straight cut and skinny jeans are fine.

pants pants boho

  • Finish your layers off with a nice, warm jacket or coat – we all know layering is great for winter which is why it shouldn’t be a problem for you to pull off a Boho look during this time but if you easily get cold, why not top everything off with a nice, warm coat? It’s a great layering piece for creating a boho look and it’s also perfect for keeping you warm.

 coat boho coat