Tips on Wearing Animal Print Dresses

Animal prints is certainly on the top list of the hottest trends this year and it seems like it’s going to be on trend for quite some time until next year. Wearing the animal print trend can be a little tricky for some women, though, because it has a very sexy and sensational vibe to it and some are afraid of looking ‘too seductive’ in it. This is especially true with wearing animal print dresses. If you have a gorgeous animal print dress sitting in your closet or if you’re contemplating on buying one for yourself but you’re afraid that you can’t pull it off, here are some tips that might just help you wear that stunner with confidence!

  • Pick an animal print dress in neutral colors – aside from the fact that neutral colored animal print pieces are more natural-looking (have you ever seen a real zebra with pink stripes on its skin?), it’s also more classy and elegant plus it’s a lot easier on the eyes. An animal print dress with an earthy color / tone is also more sophisticated so you don’t have to bother about looking cheap in it.

animal print dresses classic dress style classic dress

  • Go for simple and minimal accessories – wearing an animal print dress is already a statement in and of itself so if you want to keep it chic and classy, make sure to go easy on the accessories. It may be a tempting idea to get all matchy – matchy by getting animal print accessories but believe me, you’ll just end up like one of the Jersey Shore girls – a far cry from classy and chic. Stick to simple pieces instead like a gold bangle or a pair of stud earrings and maybe a neutral – colored clutch and keep it to one or two pieces, at the most.

minimal accessories on animal print dress outfit minimal accessories on animal print dress

  • Choose a classic dress style – choose a dress that’s not too sexy when it comes in animal print. You don’t want too much going on when wearing this trend. It’s already a stunning and sexy print so go for dresses with classy styles instead. That means nothing that shows too much skin and nothing that squeezes your body too tight.

neutral animal print dress neutral

  • Get the right print size – animal print dresses can come with big prints, medium sized prints, small prints or a combination of all. All these can be flattering if you know which one works for your body. If you’re not too sure about this, here’s a quick tip big prints make you look bigger; small prints make you look slimmer. So, if you’re busty, avoid dresses with big animal prints on the chest area but if you’re lacking curves on the waist, go for dresses with big animal prints near that part to emphasize and enhance it. Fitting the dress to see how it looks on you is always a good idea.

print size is perfect print size animal print dress

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and rock that animal print dress you’ve been tempted with for so long! Keep these style tops in mind and you wills surely be a head – turner in your fabulous dress.