Tips on Wearing Statement Necklaces Correctly

Statement necklaces are back and they’re a hot trend to try this year. The big, chunky and bold pieces of jewelry to make or break your outfits are getting more and more stylish with each new design and style coming out.

Despite the popularity of these statement necklaces, however, there are still those who haven’t got their own statement necklaces yet either because they’re too shy to try this bold trend or because they’re not sure how to pull off this fun and fearless trend. In this post, you’ll learn about the different tips and tricks of wearing stylish statement necklaces so you can try it yourself with confidence.

  • Remember that less is always more – statement necklaces are often big and bold with fun chunky bits all crammed into one necklace. For this reason, there is really no need to layer them. The only time that statement necklaces should be layered is when you’re putting together a bunch of small, dainty pieces to create one big cohesive piece like layering strings of pearl necklaces indifferent  shapes.

beautiful statement necklacemultilayered pearl statement

  • Mind your neckline – although statement necklaces are versatile and complement both high and low necklines, still make sure that the way your statement necklace drapes on your clothes’ neckline is not awkward or off.

perfect drape

neon collar necklace

  • Consider collared shirts and blouses – if you’ve got bib or collar statement necklaces, wearing them under the collars of your shirt can make you look very stylishly smart. Make sure to button up to the topmost button so that it does not look rugged and messy. You want a clean and sophisticated look, after all.

collar  and necklacecollar

  • Work with contrast – a colorful statement necklace can go very well with a black and white striped shirt. Statement necklaces with dark accents and embellishments should be worn with light colored clothes and vice versa. You can also apply color blocking and color contrasting techniques when pairing your statement necklaces with clothes. Another interesting contrast you can make is to wear a very elegant looking piece with a casual outfit.

contrasting colorscolor contrast

  • Make it Cohesive – if contrasting is not something you’re very good at, then you should just do a cohesive outfit altogether by sticking to a color theme. For example, if you’ve got a bold red statement necklace, you have to make sure that your outfit also has elements and shades of red in it.

cohesive piecelayered pearlsv

As long as you know what to wear with your statement necklaces, you’ll surely look fabulous and fashionable all the time!

Beaded statement necklace

beaded statement necklace


colorful statement necklace