Tips on What to Wear in High School

High school can be one of the most exciting phases of your life but it can also be one of the most difficult ones. During this stage, you’ll experience confusion about a lot of things, including how you should dress up and look like. Sure, high school is a huge step up from grade school and being here means that you’re now almost a young adult but that doesn’t mean you have to exactly dress like one. If you’re looking for tips on what to wear in high school and want outfit ideas that are appropriate for high school, read on.

  • Never skip the basics – t-shirt and jeans – who doesn’t wear them? Just because you’re in high school now doesn’t mean you stop wearing these basics. You’ll be wearing these even after college so stock up! Get shirts in different colors to add variety to your wardrobe and make sure to invest in a few couple of good pairs of jeans as you’ll be wearing them throughout high school.  Sweaters will come in handy too when the colder season starts to set in.

basic outfit basic

  • Cover up – most schools have dress codes that specify the preferred length when it comes to skirts, dresses and shorts. This is usually anywhere from 1 or 2 inches above or below the knee. Anything shorter and you’ll be sent home to change. This means no miniskirts, mini dresses and definitely no micro mini shorts.

conservative outfit


  • Get some comfy shoes – yes, it can be tempting to strut your stuff around the campus in heels but going to and from one class to another can stress and tire out your feet. Make sure that you have some comfy shoes in the locker that you can change into any time you need it. Ballerina flats are perfect if you often dress up very femininely and slip ons or trainers are ideal if your style is more street or casual.

comfy shoes outfit comfy shoes outfit

  • Have fun with prints and patterns – you’re young; take advantage of that by playing around with prints and patterns on your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, as well. High school is the perfect time to truly discover and develop your sense of style.

print and pattern outfit print and pattern

  • Keep it simple – leave the fancy schmancy stuff for special school events and keep your everyday school outfit simple and casual. After all, you’re coming in to school and not to a fashion show and although it’s good to be stylish, what’s more important is to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

simple outfit simple