Top 10 Adorable Celebrity Spring Fashion Looks

Celebrities are always some of the first people we look up to for the newest trends of the season and for this year’s spring fashion, they have once again lived up to this role. Here’s a list of 10 adorable celebrity spring fashion looks that you can copy or take inspiration from.

  • Katy Perry – we just love how the Roar singer looks in this picture! Her unique plaited high braid that’s styled on the side is the perfect hairstyle to go with her black and white floral outfit. Katy is wearing a matching top and skirt. Her top is sheer which gives her outfit a bit of a sexy vibe and her skirt has a nice pop of blue to it.

katy perry

  • Miranda Kerr – the always stylish Miranda Kerr once again tempts us in this stunning Balenciaga number and a pair of over the knee Hermes boots. The belt that cinches her waist is an awesome addition to the rather shapeless yet so awesome shirt dress.

miranda kerr

  • Elle Fanning – Dakota’s little sister, Elle, sure knows how to put together a cute off duty outfit. In this photo, Elle decided to go all white (a hot trend to watch out for this spring, by the way) by wearing a white embroidered dress with floral details. This minimalistic look sure proves that less is more when you have the right pieces together.

elle fanning

  • Hailee Steinfeld – if there’s anything we love more than celebs who have nailed trends to a tee, it’s celebs who have nailed more than one trend to a tee, and have these trends combined to create the perfect trend mash up and that’s exactly what this Romeo and Juliet star did here in this wonderful photo. That graphic dress with those school girl socks are the bomb!

Hailee Steinfield

  • Olivia Palermo – no list of stylish celebs is complete without Olivia Palermo and here in this picture she stuns us as she brightens up a white shirt and animal print skirt with a lovely pink jacket draped over her sleeves. Chunky gold jewelry and a pair of wayfarer sunnies completed her look perfectly.

olivia palermo

  • Rosie Huntington – Whiteley – Rosie sports everything fancy, girly and flirty in this outfit and we love that she’s chosen to wear this look with a light baby blue color. It can be so tempting to go all out with an outfit like this and go for pink but this hue of blue is perfect for keeping it from being too saccharine.

Rosie Huntington Whitely

  • Salma Hayek – so she’s had the reputation of being either hit and miss with most of her outfits but this time, Salma hit the spring look like it’s nobody’s business. We love how she was able to make a springtime outfit with dark colors using this cute monochromatic dress. Those 3-D sunnies, by the way, are so cool!

salma hayek

  • Cate Blanchett – how do you pull off an outfit with ruffled feathers without making it look tacky? Here’s a photo of Cate Blanchett, showing you that you can make even the craziest outfit look perfectly sane and chic by giving it a minimalist approach. Nothing funky or bold for accessories since the dress is already a big statement.

Cate Blanchett

  • Blake Lively – Blake here proves that you can definitely wear leather in springtime, as long as it’s the right cut and color. This tan leather halter dress surely made Blake look ever so lovely. We love how she wears it with aplomb and confidence, too!

blake lively

  • Poppy Delevingne – Oh, Poppy, that dress is just perfect! This floral number by Erdem is what Poppy sported at the Paris Fashion Week for Erdem’s SS14 show. Those glittering embellished cat-eye sunnies are just to die for, too!

poppy delevingne