Top 4 Best Color Combinations for Winter

Dressing up for winter can have you looking dreary if you don’t keep yourself updated with the newest and hottest trends. Back in the day, winter used to be the time for all colors dark, rich and warm. Today, though, the winter fashion scene is much more exciting with so much more brighter colors being seen along with lighter hues and more fun color combos. Combining different colors can result to a very chic and stylish outfit but, of course, you have to know which color combinations look good and what look like they were put together by a clown. If you’re dying to know what the hottest and best color combinations for winter are, read on below and take inspiration from our favorite five.

  • Grays in multiple hues – okay, so an all gray outfit can be the most boring and bland outfit you can ever come up with, no matter what season but if you mix and match different hues of gray in one outfit, you get a stylish monochromatic ensemble that can flatter your figure and have you looking gorgeous for winter. Experiment by creating an outfit that features grays in varying intensities from very light silver gray to an intense charcoal gray as this will give your outfit more dimension to keep it from looking boring. It would help if you could wear the color is different fabrics to create a nice blend of texture in your outfit.

gray outfit gray

  • Emerald and plum – this color combination for winter is not so conventional but it’s uniqueness is indeed what makes it chic. Combining a jewel tone color like emerald green with a nice, warm and rich dark color like plum creates a very sophisticated outfit that will surely have you  looking like fashion royalty any time you wear it. Color combinations like these are best worn individually in separate items. This is to make sure that each color gets to stand out and not be overpowered by the other.

emerald and plum

emerald emerald and plum outfit

  • Hot pink and black – to all the women out there with ultra feminine fashion styles, here’s some good news for you: this winter, one of the hottest and trendiest color combinations is that of hot pink and black – very Barbie-ish, if you ask me! To make a really fun and flirty outfit, choose pieces that evoke a strong sense of girliness like flared skirts and chic tops as well as super glamorous coats and jackets and don’t forget to add on some really cool accessories to complete your look.

pink and black pink

  • Mint and beige – if you’re on the hunt for a winter fashion color combination that’s easy on the eyes and isn’t too dark, you should definitely give mint and beige a try. You’ll love this color combination for winter because it’s such a refreshing break from all the dark hues you would usually see on people you would bump into on the streets. The softer color palette would also make your outfit look more girly and romantic.

mint mint and beige mint and beige outfit