Top 8 Winter Fashion Must Haves

Winter is the time for us to bundle up and get cozy in warm jackets and coats but that doesn’t mean we skip being stylish. There are plenty of ways to both be comfy and cute for winter and all you need to do to achieve that is to know what pieces to use. In this article, we will share with you our list of the top 10 winter fashion must haves you need to get so you can conquer the cold in style so read on!

  • UGG boots – while any other kind of boots can keep you warm during the cold winter weather, UGG boots can make you feel warm AND look stylish at the same time. UGGs are known for their cute look and they’re the perfect shoes to wear if you want something that you can wear with casual winter outfits.

ugg boots outfit uggs

  • White clothes – white used to be the color for Labor Day but with the ‘winter white’ trend on the rise, white is quickly becoming a favorite for fashion trendsetters. Gone are the days when black and other dark hues dominated winter. In today’s winter, white is the new black.

winter white

  • Oversized sweater – for those days in winter when you just want to lounge around, an oversized sweater is perfect. Oversized sweaters give you a laidback and relaxed look and you can wear it outdoors as well on any lazy day.

oversized sweater outfit oversized sweater

  • Maxi skirts and maxi dresses – maxi skirts and maxi dresses are very popular during summer and spring but come fall and winter, most women tend to stash them away and replace them with big boring coats and jackets. However, a maxi skirt or dress can actually take you very well into winter, especially when you wear them with chunky-heeled boots or biker boots to make a chic and edgy ensemble.

winter maxi outfit

  • Statement coat – coats are essential in any winter wardrobe and if you’re the type who would rather stand out than blend in, a statement coat is definitely a must have. Go for loud and bright colors when choosing a statement coat or choose one that has fun and interesting prints and patterns or a unique style.

statement coat cobalt blue

  • Infinity scarf – any scarf in general is a must have for winter but if you want something unique that you can wear in so many ways and something you can wear all day with ease, an infinity scarf is something you have to get yourself this season.

winter maxi outfit infinity scarf

  • Animal print items – wearing animal print is a great way to boost the sexy factor in your outfit but if you’re not too bold to actually wear the print on clothes, you can do so-through accessories instead. Animal print boots would be a nice break from uggs and leather boots while animal print scarves can add that ‘umph’ your outfit needs.

leopard print scarf leopard print

  • Beanie hat – a beanie hat will not only keep your head and your ears warm and toasty while you’re outdoors during winter but you can also use it to cover up for a bad hair day. Just wear one over your head if you need to make a quick errand don’t feel like doing much to your hair.

beanie hat