Top Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter

Accessorizing with jewelry is one of the simplest ways you can add flare to your outfit. Just put on one or two pieces and your outfit would instantly look more stylish and fab. Summer and spring were all about bright, fun and colorful jewelry but fall and winter call for darker ones that are more on the mature but still gorgeously appealing side. Fall is actually almost over but hey,we still got winter right? Here are the top jewelry trends for fall and winter:

  • Gem bib necklaces – bib necklaces were also a huge hit during summer and spring but those were the ones made from fun and frilly materials like lace, felt and everything you could DIY. This fall / winter, gem bib necklaces are hot. These are perfect for dressing up a simple and casual outfit but they also do well in complementing a dressy, formal ensemble.

gem bib necklace gem bib necklace outfit

  • Chunky bangles – arm candies and arm parties – remember when pictures of these were all over the internet last season? Well, arm candies and arm parties are still in for fall and winter but those braided cord and leather ones are out. Instead of using these for an arm party this fall, use chunky bangles instead. Usually those made from wood, metal and leather stack up really well, too.


bangles chunky


  • Drop earrings – it seems like fall and winter’s jewelry trend’s theme is ‘go big or go home’ and that shows in the trend for earrings as well. Keep your dainty studs in the armoire for a while and bust out those really cool and chic drop earrings. You can wear ones with gems and other precious stones to special events while you can also DIY a few couple of pairs to match your everyday outfits.

drop earrings drop earrings outfit

  • Cocktail rings – if you’re looking for a subtle way to add some glitz and glam to your fall / winter outfit, a cocktail ring should be perfect for you. Cocktail rings are the perfect way to achieve a stylish minimalistic look. Often, they can be worn on their own without other jewelry. These make a great statement in and of themselves.

cocktail rings cocktail ring


  • Brooch – another way to add a simple elegance to any fall / winter outfit is to simply wear a brooch. The brooch is a great piece of jewelry that can be worn many ways. You can pin it on to your clothes, on your coat, attach it to your scarf, use it with your necklace as a charm or even use it as a hair accessory. Of course, the latter would need a little bit of tweaking.

brooch chanel brooch