Travelling Style Guide: How to Fly in Style

Travelling is such a fun thing to do. Being able to go to various places is always a refreshing experience. However, travelling can be very exhausting, too, and the plane ride to get you to your destination can leave you looking drab even before you leave the airport and explore the new land. Looking good before, during and after a flight is possible. You can be stylish while travelling if you just know what pieces to wear and which ones to avoid. Here’s our quick travelling style guide on how to fly in style without compromising comfort as well.

  • Layer up – planes and airports are known to be such cold places which is why layering up on your outfit is a must. The reason why we suggest that you layer up instead of wear one piece of thick, chunky and warm clothing item is because you can easily take off the layers upon heading out the airport in case you’re going to a place where the weather is expected to be warm or hot. Layering is much more stylish, too. You can mix and match different pieces to create a really cute and unique outfit.

layered layered outfit

  • Don’t wear a belt – a belt can be a really cute accessory that you can add to your outfit but skip it if you’re dressing up for a flight. Unless you’re travelling first class, we all know plane seats aren’t exactly the most comfortable seats in the world and wearing a belt will only be very uncomfortable for you as it can make you feel squished and restricted. Plus, it’s such a pain to have to unbuckle and remove it for the scanner anyway.

no belt

no belt outfit

  • Yes to maxis – maxi skirts and dresses for travelling? Yes please! Not only are maxi skirts and dresses very cute and stylish, they’re really comfortable and easy to move around in too! Wearing a maxi dress or a maxi skirt when travelling is ideal because it’s free flowing and wont restrict your movements when you’re trying to hustle around the airport for your baggage or when you need to run to the counter to check in. Maxi skirts and dresses are great for layering too. It allows you to create a chic, relaxed boho-ish kind of look without you having to try too hard.

maxi outfit maxi

  • Don’t wear strappy footwear – whether you admit it or not, we all tend to get out feet out of our shoes the moment we get seated on the plane and wearing strappy sandals with a hundred and one buckles is not going to make that happen, at least not without a fight. When travelling opt for ballet flats for an instant girly look that’s also easy to put on and take off.

shoes for travelling shoes

  • Add a scarf to your outfit – since loading up on jewelry to accessorize isn’t very practical when going on a flight, choose functional accessories instead. A scarf is a very good example of a functional accessory. It makes your outfit look so much better and it can also keep you warm while you’re flying up high in a freezing cold plane. Pashmina scarves are great because they’re really warm, almost like a blanket, making you very comfy while travelling.

scarf outfit scarf