Trendy Fall Color Combinations Using Black as Base

The moment springs ends and fall comes, everyone’s busy revamping their closets to make it more appropriate for fall. You’ll notice that during fall, you tend to gravitate more to darker colors like black. However, your fall wardrobe does not always have to consist of all black outfits. You can create trendy and stylish fall outfits with color using black as your base. This is great because black goes well with any color. Here are some really trendy fall color combinations using black as base:

  • Emerald green and black – emerald green has a very elegant look and when paired with black, it can result to a really gorgeous and sophisticated outfit. This color has the perfect balance between light and dark. Another great thing about emerald green is that it suits most skin colors / skin tones so it shouldn’t be a problem for most women to rock this fall color combination.

emerald and black outfit emerald and black emerald and black look

  • Blue and black – blue and black may well be considered a classic color combination, especially for fall. You can opt for brighter and lighter shades of blue like Mykonos blue and royal blue if you want an outfit that’s more fun and lively or you can go for darker shades like navy blue if you need a more mature and formal look.

blue and black blue ang black

  • Red and black – if you want a sexy color combination to wear this fall, why not try pairing black and red together? This fall color combination is perfect if you want an outfit that really pops and stands out from the crowd. Red and black is a versatile color combination as it can be very casual but can also be very dressy and sexy. This color combination also lends sophistication to any outfit.

red and black outfit red and black

  • Yellow and black – brighten up any gloomy day during fall by bringing a little bit of sunshine everywhere. Combine black and yellow for a fun and vibrant outfit that’s sure to capture people’s attention. This color combination can make any outfit have a more cheerful vibe which, in effect can also lighten up your mood on a gloomy day.

yellow and black outfit yellow and black

  • Black and white – for a classic fall color combination, you can never go wrong with black and white. This is a great color combination that you can wear if you’re in a hurry and you have no time to really plan out your outfit. Black and white is very sophisticated and chic and is a great go-to color combination anytime.

black and white black and white outfit