Trendy Spring Coats and How To Wear Them

Seasons change and the weather gets warmer. It’s during times like these when transitional pieces increase in value. Spring coats are practical, wearable, and, of course, downright stylishly failsafe. The best thing about spring coats is that they have a huge effect in the entirety of your outfit. Whether spring coats make it more sleek and structured, a pop of color or an alternative dress, spring coats offers great possibilities.

Here are some trending spring coats you want to wear this season and how to wear them.

Pastel Colored Coats – This is, by far, the trendiest spring coat this season and during fall. And why not? Pastel is the color for spring. We all love those ice-creamy/cotton candy hues. Pastel colors are fun and playful and definitely wearable for anyone. For pastel colored coats, you can wear a monochromatic or a black-and-white outfit underneath to let the coat pop. You can also color block your outfit by wearing an outfit complementary to your chosen pastel color.

purple pastel coat monochromatic

blue pastel coat complementary

pink pastel coat black and white

Bright Colored Coats – Bright and bold colored coats is great especially during the season when, after a dull and cold winter season, we finally get to see the sun. It just brightens any kind of outfit. For this spring coat, find a neutral colored outfit underneath. Something all-white or all-black. This does not only let your brightly colored coat stand out but it also gives an illusion of looking taller.

yellow coat

purple coat gigi hadid

Double-breasted Coats – Ever since the huge influence of menswear to women’s fashion, double-breasted coats have risen and became stylish. One thing you have to remember with double-breasted coats is that it’s designed to accentuate the flatter and broader upper torso of men. With this in mind, remember that when choosing a straight-cut coat, find one with either a baby collar, huge buttons or both. The collar and buttons give a more feminine accent to the rather masculine design of the coat.

Of course, there are also double-breasted coats that are tailored to the waist and has the silhouette of a dress. With this, you can wear tights or knee-high boots for a wonderful mix of cool and femininity.

double breasted coat belted kate middleton

double breasted coat open

Robe Coats – Robe coats are simple and chic. You can wear it tied or untied. When wearing it untied, you might want to consider wearing something tailored underneath. It does not only balance the look but it gives a sleek effect to the coat. Because robe coats are chic in its own right, you don’t have to over-accessorize. Something minimalistic will do.

robe coat belted

robe coat untied

Camel Coats – This classic coat is one of the most versatile coats there are. I’d recommend wearing something black-and-white or a bold stripes. The stripes just pop from underneath the coat and it looks cool and feminine. Also, it’s great for a casual day.

camel coat all black

camel coat stripes

Black Coats – I would totally recommend wearing black coats to the office. Its sleek tailoring and the color is a great alternative for black blazers or jackets. Depending on what you wear underneath it, it can either make the look cool or feminine. A dressy outfit underneath a black trench coat looks pretty and the black coat balances out the outfit and make them wearable for the office.

black coat dressy

black coat bold

White Coats – Now this one is tricky. For one, you don’t want to wear this when the weather is dreary for obvious reasons. And also, without the right outfit to pair it with, it might look like a lab coat. Wear something bright to give your outfit with the coat a more fun and playful look. You can also wear an attention-grabbing accessory like a bold patterned scarf or a sleek belt.

white coat all white

white coat sleek belt