TV Characters to Take Fashion Inspiration From

We know the characters we watch from our favorite TV series don’t really exist but sometimes the actresses who play out the roles do such a good job that the character they play actually comes to life and becomes an icon. When it comes to fashionable and stylish TV characters, I think we’ve all had one or two we tried to copy back in the day, even before we figured out our own fashion style. It’s actually pretty normal to take inspiration from TV characters for fashion-related stuff. After all, they are dressed by the best stylists to make them the most glamorous people on the show. Here’s our list of our favorite TV characters to take fashion inspiration from.

  • Carrie Bradshaw – Carrie Bradshaw was one of the lead characters from the hit TV series Sex and the City. This character was played by no other than the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker. Whether you actually have watched the series closely or not, you know Carrie is one serious fashionista who knows how to take all the right risks fashion-wise. Her style is the perfect blend of chic, edgy, sexy and feminine with a hint of a street style vibe. We just love how Carrie looks like she’s always just stepped right off the pages of a magazine with her outfits, no matter what it is. She can rock a tutu like it’s nobody’s business and everyone knows it.

carrie carrie bradshaw

  • Blair Waldorf – Blair Waldorf is a character from the TV series Gossip Girl. Played by Leighton Meester, Blake is portrayed as the rich girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it as well. Though it’s obvious that she has expensive taste in fashion, Blair has managed to amass a huge following for her style, thanks to the fashionistas of the real world who are constantly on the lookout on where to get affordable clothing dupes to steal Blair’s preppy chic look.

blair waldorf


  • Serena Van Der Woodsen – Gossip Girl can indeed be considered a gold mine. The TV series not only features one or two but a whole cast of stylish characters that charm viewers. Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) which, in the series, plays Blair’s best friend (and later on one of her enemies) is another New York fashionista to take inspiration from. Unlike Blair, Serena’s style is more casual, laidback and relaxed. You could say that it’s New York City street style nailed to a tee.

serena van der woodsen serena

  • Jessica Day – Jessica Day is the lead character from the TV series New Girl which stars Zooey Deschanel. Jessica’s style doesn’t differ much from that of Zooey in real life. She always wears cute, chic and adorable dresses that have a bit of a nerdy and retro-ish twist to them.

jessica day new girl jessica day

  • Gabrielle Solis – this Desperate Housewife definitely has a wardrobe that’s far from being in despair. Gabrielle or “Gaby” as her friends and neighbors call her is played by no other than Eva Longoria. If you were to raid Gaby’s closet, you can expect to see lots of skintight, figure hugging clothes as well as amazing sky high heels and fabulous shoes that any woman in real life would die for.

gabrielle solis gaby solis