Types of cute braids

Braided hairstyles go in and out of fashion but have been used since ancient times to dress the hair. In order to braid hair, the hair is divided into three even parts. The three parts are then woven together in an overlapping pattern until all or most of the hair has been dressed.

The braid hairstyle is usually held in place by a barrette, elastic band, or other kind of closure. During summer, where the weather gets hot every second, you surely cannot just let your hair fall. Hair braid are the cutest way to keep them in place.

braid hairstyle

Tried and tested for many generations decades of stylish women, surely could you could never go wrong. Modern trends may come and go but the classics stays forever. One of the option is to pleat it neatly. Apart from that, you want it stylish and what better way to do it then the classic braids.

long hair with waves and braids

There are different types of braids and one of them is the french braid. A beautiful and classic hairstyle, the French braidis a little challenging to learn at first. Its sleeker appearance is also sometimes viewed as more elegant and sophisticated.

rihanna french braid

Ever seen a braided bun? This is the perfect way to keep it simple and fresh. This could be amazing for those mornings you’re rushing to work, or you can pop in a sparkly bow where the bun and braid meet for an adorable holiday party updo!

dutch braid messy bun

We can safely say that the fishtail braid or plait is the “it” style of the season. Whether perfectly neat or purposely messy, the texture and seemingly complicated pattern of this sea-inspired style provide a refreshing visual twist on your typical 3-strand weave.

fishtail braid

Braided headbands are the perfect way to stylishly pull long hair back when the heat and humidity get the best of you. And with its boho-chic vibe that works on all hair types, as long as your hair is long enough, you can rock this hair style for either day or night.

nicole scherzinger braided headband

The cascade or waterfall braid recently exploded as the new “trend braid” of the season. The waterfall effect looks cool and complex, but it’s easier to style than you think. This is a very beautiful and elegant variation of a French Braid that is perfect for moms, teens, tweens, and little girls.

waterfall braid

The milkmaid braid, which is summer’s newest braided updo,  is two braids that meet at the ends to make it look like one braid. Celebrities are not new to this kind of hairstyle, in fact this hairstyle is inspired by Zoe Saldana.

milkmaid braid

Corn rows braids are small, multiple braids that are attached to your head with the French braid style. Cornrows take more skill and time to put in, and you will find better luck at a salon with stylists trained in cornrows rather than with making your friend practice on your head.

corn rows braid

This is a French braid that goes from ear to ear over the top of your forehead next to your scalp, using only the front third of your hair. Secure the end of the braid behind your ear and then tuck it under the braid for a clean look.crown braid