Types of Dresses for Body Types

Every once in a while, we get that feeling of wanting to look extra gorgeous and beautiful and wearing a dress is always a sure fire way to do that. However, you may find that looking for the right kind and style of dress can be quite a task but it becomes a whole lot easier if you know what you body type is. Your body type is one of the first things you have to consider when looking for a dress because certain dress styles can help flatter your figure and give you a better overall look while other styles simply aren’t as flattering. If you want to know how you can dress your body easier, read on below to see different types of dresses for body types.

  • Body Type: Pear Shaped – women with pear shaped body types are those who have curvy hips. Most of the time the hips, which are well defined, are proportionately bigger than the bust area and wider than the shoulders. The goal for women with this body type is to emphasize your waist and your arms as well as to add volume to your shoulders to balance it out with your hips. Go for dresses tha feature an A-line skirt to conceal wide hips. Also try dresses that have boat neck, cowl or square necklines. Sleeveless dresses are a great way to put emphasis on your arms and shoulders, too! As for dress details and embellishments, keep them heavy on top and plain at the bottom.

pear shaped pear shaped body

  • Body Type: Inverted Triangle – this body type is also called ‘wedge’ and women who have this body type have a broad chest and wide shoulders along with a narrow waist and hips. When choosing a dress, women with this body type should steer clear of boat necklines and spaghetti straps and stick to asymmetrical cuts instead. It would also be wise for women with this body type to wear dresses that can be cinched to create an illusion of a sexier waist. Peplum style dresses are great for women with this body type as it can add volume to your hip / waist area.


wedge body type

  • Body Type: Rectangle – the rectangular body type features waist, hips and shoulder widths in almost exact proportions. Women with this body type are lucky because they can get away with just about any type of dress. However, women with this body type need to create curves to get a sexier silhouette. To do this, try going for dresses with a sweetheart neckline or a scoop neckline and wear dresses that have ruching on them to add more volume on areas where you need it. Dresses that have cinching on the side are also great for creating the illusion of a curvier waist. BodyCon bandage dresses are great at creating illusions of curves if you choose one with the right design.

rectangle body type rectangle

  • Body Type: Apple Shaped – women who have an apple shaped body type are top heavy with narrower hips. The main goal of dressing an apple shaped body type is to elongate the midsection and to create the illusion of a tinier waist. Dresses with a V neck can help elongate the upper torso in general so try to choose dresses with this neckline. Empire waist dresses are best for concealing a bulging tummy in apple shaped body types.

apple apple body type

  • Body Type: Hourglass – the hourglass body type is considered to be the sexiest of all and just like women with rectangle body types, women who have the hourglass figure can easily wear most dresses they choose. To make the most out of this body type, though, you should stay away from baggy and ill-fitting ones and go for those that hug the body in all the right spots. Wrap dresses are one of the best dresses to go for if you want to show off your sexy curves but other dress types would look good as well as long as  they are well-fitting.

hourglass body type hourglass