Unexpectedly Stylish Pieces to Wear Now

Because fashion is such a fickle industry, keeping up with what’s hot and what’s not is often a challenge. It’s tricky because one day a particular style is in and the next day it’s out like it never happened. If you’re on a tight budget, you would have to think twice about spending money on some things because they might not be considered ‘stylish’ for long. Sometimes, too, you get lucky and buy something that’s considered not so stylish yet when you put it on it unexpectedly looks so good. Here are some unexpectedly stylish pieces to wear now.

  • Kitten heels – you used to see them on Granny but now they’re everywhere and everyone who’s anyone in fashion seems to be wearing them. Kitten heels are short heels. They’re about 2 inches tall so they’re a bit more comfortable to walk in plus they’re perfect if you’re looking to add just the right amount of girliness to your outfit without it looking too sexy or anything. Wear kitten heels with skirts and dresses for a modest feminine look.

cool red jeans chunky kitten heels

  • Crop tops – baring your midriff to show off your sexy, toned tummy and abs used to be a thing of the nineties but today it’s back and it’s bigger with each and every girl sporting cute crop tops everywhere and anywhere. Often, crop tops are paired with high waisted bottoms for a chic and modern twist.

chic crop top outfit

striped crop top

  • Canadian Tuxedo – Canadian tuxedos are basically just denim shirts but before they became as popular as they are today, they used to be something a lot of women wouldn’t be seen with. It does have a bit of a weird concept behind it, if you ask me. I mean, denim is something we would usually wear for pants so wearing denim shirts can weird you out if you haven’t seen and experienced them but if you’re a big fashion girl, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them on the most stylish style icons being paired with lots of other fab things from leather to lace and even fur.

canadian tux and skirt white pants and canadian tux

  • Double denims – and while we’re on the subject of denim, another surprisingly stylish outfit to add to your wardrobe now are double denim combos. This look used to be so undesired but with models rocking it off duty, it has become one of the most popular looks recently. To get the look, just wear two separate denim pieces. They don’t necessarily have to be top and bottom pieces. You can wear a denim shirt and top it off with a denim vest to create this look or any other 2 denim separates worn together.

double denim look summer double denim look

  • Overalls – they’re very reminiscent of your preschool outfits which is why you stopped wearing them as soon as you were old enough to dress up on your own but overalls today are making a comeback and surprisingly, they have become very stylish. It has become a statement piece that only the brave and the bold fashionistas could rock with confidence. Today’s overalls come in a wide variety of fab assortments as well like leather overalls and even silk ones.

overalls and crop top preppy chic overalls