Unique Chain Earrings for Women

Do you want extraordinary long earrings? Or you just want a unique fashion statement? Then, chain earrings are for you. These special earrings are made from connecting chains to make them longer and more startling.  Chain link earrings can be funky, casual and elegant at the same time depending on the style and design. You can also choose from short chain connected earrings to long ones and you can also choose from gold to silver according to your preferences. Here are some of the most attractive chain earrings that I have come across with:

This chain earring is very sexy. It contains a double chain that connects from the earlobe to the upper ear cartilage for that funky look. Plus, it has a leaf post earring for that feminine touch. You don’t need to have another ear piercing in this kind of jewelry because the ear cuff is easily anchored  with a clip. This chain earring style is best for casual or everyday outfits.

Sexy Chain Earrings

Another unique chain earrings is this flower chain earrings in gold. It is very stylish and best for women who want to use this unique earrings design without that funky or rock star look. Use this for more formal events or for dressy outfits.

Chain Earrings

Another less funky look for women who want a feminine touch in their chain earrings is this bronze chain earrings. It has double chains in different lengths with a long post earrings chain for added style. Plus, the feather design is really very chic.

Feather and Chains Earrings

For a rock star look, this chain chomp earrings is a perfect choice.

Mario Chain Chomp Earring Cuffs

If you want chain earrings, but would rather stick to conventional designs, this chain dangle earrings by Rihanna is very nice. She looks very chic in this dangling chain “Hells Angel” earrings.

Rhianna Dangling Chain Earrings

Fergie uses a very long multi-chained earrings to match her funky outfit  If you want some drama in your earrings, then get one of these chain earrings.

Long Chain Earrings

Another variation of the long chain earrings is this one in gold and black. Use it with a formal, classy or Gothic look to complete the style.

Gorgeous Chain Earrings

Now if you want dangling earrings, use something like this one with the chains incorporated on a leather earring.

Geometrical Suede Chain Earrings

Want to wear earrings and necklace at the same time? Then, this connecting chain earrings is very unique. It contains a long chain with ear hooks on both sides so it can be worn like a necklace, only that, you don’t anchor them in your neck, but in your ears.

Connecting Chain Earrings

To complete the list of unique chain earrings, this gorgeous piece is really eye catching. It is actually dangling earrings with chain extensions for that sexy look.

Ball and chain earrings

Chain earrings may not be a conventional earring style, but if you want adventure in your jewelry, they are unique choices.